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  1. CORunner

    2004 Subaru Forester XT

    Nice XT. GLWS I have a 2005 WRX wagon as my DD. You can fix the power steering whine really easy. An O-ring gets brittle and will allow air into the system until it warms up and reseals. Takes less than 10 min to fix. Make sure you use an OEM o-ring because it is an odd ball size. I think it is...
  2. CORunner

    Large RTT on a Subaru Forester?

    I think it should be fine. James Baroud has a Forester as their stock photo for their Discovery Space RTT. It is a little slimmer at 55" wide. 2nd picture in this link
  3. CORunner

    Another Road trip: TX-NM-AZ-UT-CO-TX, July 9th to July 22, 2020

    Saw you driving down Main Street in Ouray today. Me and my wife were enjoying a beer on the rooftop patio at Ouray Brewery. Great trip report so far. Hope it wasn’t too crowded on the passes around Ouray.
  4. CORunner


    PM sent. I'll take the Discovery 1 JBT465285DG Discovery Space Evo Dark Grey - $3200
  5. CORunner

    2006 Sportsmobile RB31 4x4 MGMetalWorks/UJOR Super Clean

    Nice rig, I saw it at FIBArk with a for sale sign. Even took a picture and sent it to my wife. Too bad I had just bought a built 100 series Land Cruiser... otherwise I might have been all over this.
  6. CORunner

    Meet the new boss.... same as the old boss

    Yep, it is probably the same one. I saw it and jumped on it. By the time I had called, three others were scheduled to look at it. I told the guy, if you can meet me in a hour at my bank and it drives well... I'll buy it on the spot. BTW, nice write up on your 100. Great information! Do any of...
  7. CORunner

    Meet the new boss.... same as the old boss

    Pretty similar mileage too. Old one was at 208K, new one is at 175K. Funny, my insurance was all confused when I called to insure the new one while I still had the old one. They didn't understand why someone would buy two of the same 16 year old SUV....... though they were more than happy to...
  8. CORunner

    Meet the new boss.... same as the old boss

    ....I didn't plan on buying another Land Cruiser...... How many on this forum have said that before! I bought a white 2001 100 series about 3 years ago with plans to build it up to wheel around in Colorado. Progress was slow because I was pretty happy with the stock form. Only put on a Front...
  9. CORunner

    *SOLD*2001 Toyota Land Cruiser 100*SOLD*

    Bought this Cruiser in with plans to build it up. Was slowly on my way, but found another 100 series that was fully built out at a good price and bought it. So now selling this one. Pretty decent shape interior and exterior. Some bumps and bruises as expected. I tried to take pictures of...
  10. CORunner

    Roof Racks

    I have the FR and am very happy with it. I based my purchase on advice from Slee Offroad. They sell both the FR and Baja. Also, one advantage of the FR that no one else mentioned was you can mount/bolt anything to the FR cross bars. There is a hex head slot on each cross bar. So you just...