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  1. Desert Rider

    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    How is your camper working out? Is it heated?
  2. Desert Rider

    Dobinson Fridge Slide $180 Hesperia

    Dimensions on slide?
  3. Desert Rider

    SOLD: Aluminum Steps and Other Parts for New Bronco for Sale - Albuquerque

    Sold my 2021 Bronco so I have several items for sale: - Archetype Racing Magnum Stirrups (Full Steps). Steps mount to factory rock sliders. They detach easily for off roading. All aluminum, all hardware, new condition. $1050 shipped, but prefer local pickup - Traction board mounting brackets...
  4. Desert Rider

    Got Scammed by SAMUE

    Good points! Yes, I contacted bank, Zelle, and this forum's administrator. Zelle transfers money instantly, so it makes it very difficult to reverse.
  5. Desert Rider

    Got Scammed by SAMUE

    I did use texting to communicate with this scumbag
  6. Desert Rider

    Got Scammed by SAMUE

    Last week I responded to a mail message on this forum about a Want Add I placed. The Want Add was for a Shiftpod Mini. The person, who goes by SAMUE, responded to my Want Add and stated that he/she had a Shiftpod Mini for sale. I then asked him/her to send me a picture of the tent (turns out...
  7. Desert Rider

    Wanted: ShiftpodIII Mini

    I am searching for a newer ShiftpodIII Mini (6'5" sides) tent. I can travel within a reasonable distance from Albuquerque to pick it up or you could ship it. Thanks in advance.
  8. Desert Rider

    Oztent RV-3

    Possible to ship?
  9. Desert Rider

    Oztent RV-3

    Still for sale? Ship?
  10. Desert Rider

    Shiftpod Tent For Sale or Trade in NM

    I’d prefer the mini, but I would consider the larger tent.
  11. Desert Rider

    Shiftpod Tent For Sale or Trade in NM

    Dimensions Closed: 62.5"L X 51.5"W X 13.5"H. Essentially same size as IKamper Mini, open and closed, plus weighs about the same.
  12. Desert Rider

    Shiftpod Tent For Sale or Trade in NM

    I'm looking for a Shiftpod tent. I am in Albuquerque, but I could travel around the state to pick up the tent. I also have a FSR hardtop clam shell RTT that I could trade. The RTT tent has never been used.
  13. Desert Rider

    **SOLD** Scout Kenai Camper

    Also interested, let me know if still for sale.
  14. Desert Rider


    still for sale?
  15. Desert Rider

    Photos of mid-sized vehicles - Post Here

    2019 Ford Ranger with ICON lift, Rock Sliders, Skid Plates, ARB Fridge, Portable Winch, Diamondback bed cover, Frontrunner rack, storage boxes, and propane bottle. Ready for adventure.
  16. Desert Rider

    2019 Ford Ranger Build

    I installed a 12V plug in the truck bed, that I use while driving. When camped or parked, I plan to use a Jackery 2000 battery system to run the fridge and other electronics. The Jackery can be re-charged by AC, DC or solar. I am still waiting on the Jackery to arrive, as it is a brand new...
  17. Desert Rider

    SilicaRich's Overland TJ Rubicon Build

    From a fellow geologist, good luck with your graduate program at TCU. I received my MS in Geology at WTSU (Canyon, TX) back in 1984. I work for the federal government, Dept. of Energy. Were you happy with your purchase of the Winchester Model 1894 takedown? I want one, but I am having a hard...