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  1. heinphoto

    Can anybody recommend quality aluminum tray manufacturers for my full-size F350

    We have an OEV Aluma Tray on our long-bed F350. You can order it with under-tray cabinets on each side of the rear wheels. Our's also has above-tray cabinets designed to fit along the side of our slide-in camper (Four Wheel Camper). You wouldn't need those with a flatbed camper...
  2. heinphoto

    Super Duty SuperCab Rear Door Limiters

    Yes, thank you for posting this! We just installed an OEV Aluma Tray on our F350 SuperCab. The tray is wider than the standard bed it replaced, and there are also some additional brackets sticking out from the side of the tray that will contact the door if I try to open it fully. I was also...
  3. heinphoto

    What is between an ARB twin and Oasis electric air compressor?

    Yes, I just re-checked the specs - I had thought the Magnum had higher CFM specs than the ARB twin, but they are indeed very similar.
  4. heinphoto

    What is between an ARB twin and Oasis electric air compressor?

    Have you checked out the Extreme Outback compressors?
  5. heinphoto

    Dual battery maintainer with ‘smart’ isolator and daily driving.

    FWIW, The Victron Blue Smart IP65 charger allows fairly detailed control of the charging program through the VictronConnect app. You have to enable Advanced Settings, User Defined battery preset, and "Expert Mode" to get to them (so they don't make it straightforward). The absorption duration...
  6. heinphoto

    Full-time living, hard-side vs pop-top question

    Not sure what your budget is, but if you are planning to live in the camper full time, you should probably at least consider a flatbed camper. The floorplan is much more open than a slide-in, which can make a big difference in livability. They also tend to have a lot more storage space available...
  7. heinphoto

    Flatbed Tray Conversion Pros and Cons

    Thanks Brett. In a few years we might upgrade to a flatbed from our current slide-in. It's helpful to hear about your experience. -Scott
  8. heinphoto

    2019 F250 FWC Granby

    FWIW, our 2020 side-dinette Grandby weighs ~1500 lbs dry and ~2300 lbs fully loaded with water, propane, food, beer, and all our crap (loaded weight also includes gear we store in the truck cab). These are actual weights measured at a CAT scale.
  9. heinphoto

    Late model Ford SuperCabs: Do the doors creak?

    We have a 2020 F350 Supercab and haven't noticed any squeaks, creaks, rattles, or movement in the doors.
  10. heinphoto

    Any truck camper solar installers in Sacramento, CA area?

    If you can't find someone in Sacramento, KP Pawley is just over the "hill" in Reno: He has done many van and camper solar/battery installations.
  11. heinphoto

    Portable Charcoal Grills

    I think there should be, and I have actually contemplated that idea myself. Sent from my SM-T827V using Tapatalk
  12. heinphoto

    Portable Charcoal Grills

    We have a Volcano Grill, which is designed for propane, charcoal, or wood. We have only used it with propane so far (it's fire season...).
  13. heinphoto

    Who has a camper on order?

    We ordered our Grandby on 2/1 and estimated delivery date is 6/15.