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  1. WrongWay

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Here’s my T4R and my Tacoma. We are definitely a Toyota family.
  2. WrongWay

    Is your Land Cruiser your daily driver?

    DD here. 20K miles this past year.
  3. WrongWay

    1911 or Glock

    My Colt 1911 is my safe queen. I would never consider carrying it concealed. Weight and limited capacity is just too much to overcome. Glock 30S, 19, 23, in that order of preference for me.
  4. WrongWay

    New to the Cruiser World

    275x70R18 is a nice size with lots of tire choices. BFG, TOYO, Cooper, Nitto all carry that size in their A/T tire lines.
  5. WrongWay

    All of that camping gear...

    I too have evolved in my camping regarding "stuff". Years ago it was all me and my buddy could do to fit all our gear into my full-size truck bed for 3 days of primitive camping and trout fishing. I finally saw the light and have paired items down enough for a shallow Rubbermaid box for my...
  6. WrongWay

    Latest Photo?

    New tires today. 275/70R18 Toyo OC AT2. AHC on high in full side shots. Neutral AHC on wheel pic.
  7. WrongWay

    Do you feel the need to have a weapon when camping

    I feel the need to have a weapon everywhere I go where it is legal to do so!
  8. WrongWay

    Latest Photo?

    Valid point!
  9. WrongWay

    Yeti Rambler - The Tumbler to Replace All Tumblers

    I wonder if the whole "heat rises" issue is what makes it less good for hot drinks since the lid does not have a closeable piece for the opening. The heat from the drinks escapes more rapidly through the whole. Perhaps a sliding piece like the Tervis tops would aid in keeping drinks hotter...
  10. WrongWay

    I hate to ask a 100 series question, but...

    I would also budget to either match up the tires or if it was me, replace all 4. Otherwise, seems like a nice find. Miles do seem high for that model year, but price does reflect that.
  11. WrongWay

    Latest Photo?

    I'm going to wait until I get my SLEE AHC override switch and new tires before I ditch them. I like having them to keep the seats in good shape by not sliding off them when getting out.
  12. WrongWay

    Latest Photo?

    Tinted windows and removed fender flares.
  13. WrongWay

    Yeti Rambler - The Tumbler to Replace All Tumblers

    I am a believer. I had my REI dividend and a 20% coupon. Got the 20 oz for $3. I put ice in it this morning at 6 am with some Pepsi Max. It is now almost 4pm and I still have ice. It just won't melt. If you are on the fence about one of these, just get it already.
  14. WrongWay

    ExPo 100 Series Registry

    1. Year, model, color, etc: 2007, Toyota Land Cruiser, Black 2. Name of owner/screen name: WrongWay 3. How long have you owned your 100 series? Is this your first? - Owned for 10 days at the present time. This is my first LandCruiser 4. Mileage at date of purchase and present mileage: 124k at...
  15. WrongWay

    Latest Photo?

    New to me 100 First road trip - Edisto Beach, SC
  16. WrongWay

    Cooler SIZE survey

    I have the Roadie 20, the 45, and the 65. Summer I will use more than one. Food in one, drinks in the other. Less you open any cooler the better off you are. If I could just have one, 65 hands down. My 65 is blue and it's awesome. Others white- less awesome!
  17. WrongWay

    Small "Propane tank" wanted....!!

    I got lucky on my 10 lb tank from cabelas. They mislabeled it but still made good on their price. I was tired of fooling with one pound bottles and alcohol stoves. When I camp, especially in the cold, I want maximum power output for my stove.
  18. WrongWay

    our new hammock quilts arrived :)

    You won't be disappointed. I've had my HG quilt for several years now. Just as good today as the day it came in the mail. I use it as a top quilt in my tent now since I don't sleep in the hammock anymore. Way better than a bag for me.
  19. WrongWay

    Hammock Camping.....

    I dove hard into the hammock csmping thing about 3 years ago. Went all out with gear. Warbonnet hammock and tarp, hammock gear quilt and under quilt. I was set! Loved the idea of it. Then I tried sleeping. I woke up every single hour to go to the bathroom. Could not figure it out. Slept great...
  20. WrongWay

    DIY Firestarters

    My go to these days is the small circular make up remover pads. Smear some vaseline on one side and fold over. I keep several in a small medicine bottle. Lights quick even with a flint and steel, but much quicker with a Zippo! Quick, easy, no mess and one pad burns 6 or 7 minutes. I have my...