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    1999 Bigfoot Camper - $7800 - Lyle, WA

    Bump. After not advertising this over the winter it's back up for sale. Thanks for looking.
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    1999 Bigfoot Camper - $7800 - Lyle, WA

    Yes it is, I had just taken it off the market when I winterized it. Let me know if you are interested, thanks.
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    1999 Bigfoot Camper - $7800 - Lyle, WA

    am selling my 1999 Bigfoot camper. This is one of the bomber all fiberglass models with the basement (great for ski storage). I am selling because I got rid of my big truck that I used to carry this around with. This is for a full size truck with an 8' bed. I am selling this for significantly...
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    Gaerne Balance Oiled Leather Motorcycle Boots - Size 11 - $150

    These are fantastic, high quality boots. They are in almost new condition. I sold my bike so I don't need them anymore. I'm in Lyle, WA (about an hour east of Portland). They retail for $300:
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    Blue Ridge Overland Partner Steel Stove Bag - 18" - $40 shipped

    Will do. Does the CG in your name mean that your are a Coastie?
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    4x4 ambulance in Denver

    looks like a nice rig. 140k miles is low for the 7.3 motor...
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    Blue Ridge Overland Partner Steel Stove Bag - 18" - $40 shipped

    I have a brand new Blue Ridge Overland Partner Steel Stove Bag in the 18" size. It retails for 59.99 and I will sell it for 40.00 shipped CONUS. link to the product:
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    15" Steel Wheels for Toyota Pickup - $80

    I have 4 white steel wheels that I am looking to sell. They came off of a Toyota Pickup and are in good condition. They have older tires on them. Picture:
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    Outdoor shower
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    hello out there

    I am a forester in SW Washington as well. Are you a cruiser?
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    Autohome RTT - $1750

    Not mine, but I found this on another forum that I frequent. It looks like a great deal to me.
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    Scrap yard M100 Build

    It's good to see another local, I grew up in Naselle. Nice looking trailer!
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    The TARDIS - A Four Wheel Camper Build

    I use this for a lantern in my camper: It's wicked expensive but it works really well. It takes AAA batteries, or you can run it off of a usb cable (it has a mini usb port in the hook). I power it with usb and it...
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    Unicat/GEV camper on Fuso 4x4

    I believe this is the same rig:
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    (mostly) Low-cost 4x4 diesel high capacity chassis examples

    Somebody could have fun with this SWB beast: