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  1. WOODY2

    Recovery Rope or Recovery Strap?

    The ATC bags are the go-to for me, holds everything I need and more.
  2. WOODY2

    Don’t be this guy

  3. WOODY2

    Looking for rigs w. 33", 34" or lager tires with swingouts.

    Certainly dependent on bumper/swingout height but it works on my 200 with a RLC swingout.
  4. WOODY2

    Looking for rigs w. 33", 34" or lager tires with swingouts.

    Thank you for pointing out the error, my old fat fingers betrayed me again
  5. WOODY2

    Looking for rigs w. 33", 34" or lager tires with swingouts.

    Some that have Max Trax or similar use them as a ramp to get the tire almost up to the height negating a lift from ground height.
  6. WOODY2

    power inlet ideas

    I have these installed both in my Land Cruiser and Tacoma, makes life much easier.
  7. WOODY2

    SO, school me - I am a Toyota guy, with a problem....

    ^^^ Listen to the sage voice and learn grasshoppa
  8. WOODY2

    "Noise Cameras" for loud pipes?

    Thank goodness there aren't any Taco Bells in NYC.
  9. WOODY2

    12 v strip light questions

    But then there would be a post about how to dim them.
  10. WOODY2

    12 v strip light questions

    Just suggesting using 12V not having to convert to 120V. Lots of ways to skin the cat, usually simplest is best?
  11. WOODY2

    12 v strip light questions

    12V LED strips?
  12. WOODY2

    Toyota Tacoma Overland Rig - $23,500

    Price may improve your chance to sell?
  13. WOODY2

    Does 1k lbs make a difference?

    Prolly a couple of group 31's,winch and a bumper? ha ha
  14. WOODY2

    Pulling an 8000 lb trailer off-road

    Kudos for taking a 9500# van all over but attaching a trailer changes the whole equation even in the best of circumstances. If you don't get stuck backing out of a shelf road or tight situation may alter your perception of where it's prudent to venture regardless of trailer weight. Good luck in...
  15. WOODY2

    500,000th G-Wagen

    I share your pain. :cool:
  16. WOODY2

    gazelle set up while raining?

    Easier said than done FYI
  17. WOODY2

    200 Series Suspension - Bypass, not to bypass…

    IMHO kings are overkill for a 200. It's not like your going to be blasting thru the desert like a Baja pre-runner. I went with OME as best value for my use.
  18. WOODY2

    1941 Power Wagon Cummins $270k

    Yep, modern wheels on a classic is a no no in my world
  19. WOODY2

    FS: 1996 Lexus LX450 32,000 Miles perfect condition $90,000

    Just because an item is on BAT doesn't mean it sells for asking price or even sells at all.
  20. WOODY2

    Male Cigarette Plugs

    Bite the bullet and just switch over to Anderson type connectors.