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  1. lucilius

    HUMMER EV EarthCruiser

    Very nice EC. That color is fantastic. I don't know much about EV or other alternative to gas/diesel engines, like hydrogen power, but am intrigued by the potential. Do you have a decent estimate on the battery pack lifespan and battery replacement costs? Would the vehicle start and perform...
  2. lucilius

    BAE Systems Titan XD 4400 + Bliss Mobil 15' w/ Extras - $525,000 (Boulder, CO)

    Very nice Bliss box and that is definitely a capable truck. Is the 8k mi mileage you've put on yourself since the camper conversion or total miles on the truck chassis/engine? Is there a possible pass-through? Are the additional seats/belts for humans added in the camper box or up front i.e. how...
  3. lucilius

    kayak vs. canoe

    Old post but I would go with a kayak. Canoes are great but kayaks seem to do most things better in my experience. Unless speed is really important, I would get a folder. Take a look at Klepper (EU) and Long Haul (USA) folding kayaks. Bergans (Norway) makes a nice folding canoe, the Ally. An...
  4. lucilius

    Gladiator - Good/Bad?

    The Gladiator (Rubicon, V6 Gas) is quite good after 2 years and ~30k mi. I have a truck topper and zero mods currently. Great in snow & ice with studded tires, good offroad on dirt, mud and rocky terrain. Somewhat loud on the highway but who cares. If the engine and trans hold up over time, it...
  5. lucilius

    Which side are shore power and water hookups usually, driver or passenger? Do camp spots have a standard?

    On a really large RV, I might want to stick to the left/right configuration mentioned above re hookup location. On a DIY truck camper, I would put the hookups wherever they are most sensible given your camper systems design. E.g. for water, I would personally prioritize resistance to freezing...
  6. lucilius

    Supertramp Flagship LT pop-up slide-in pickup camper

    I've found Starlink power consumption is mitigated when you use the ethernet connection and disable wifi.
  7. lucilius

    Unicat Brilliant "smaller" for class 5 chassis (4x4 Dodge/GM/Ford-6x6 Gwagons/Toyota)

    $1.2m is a decent bit of money for a camper on a Ram 5500/F550 4x4, esp. based on what is currently familiar and built in the US. There is always a niche and often a manufacturer capable enough to exploit it. We can hope that this will raise the bar of what is possible on those chassis and we...
  8. lucilius

    Winter tires

    These tires from Nokian might be worth a look. Finn/Russian-made Hakkapellitta studded tires have been top notch for me on a variety of trucks and cars though haven't tried them on my camper. They were all manufactured in Finland/Russia prior to this year, now made in Tennessee I think. Both are...
  9. lucilius

    Winter tires

    I don't know of a 20" snow and ice tire but it might be possible and easiest for you to stud and sipe a new set of MPT81, or the GY275 which a lot of folks are turning to after using MPT81. I use 22.5" wheels (simple Alcoa rated...
  10. lucilius

    Unicat Brilliant "smaller" for class 5 chassis (4x4 Dodge/GM/Ford-6x6 Gwagons/Toyota)

    It will be great if/when they figure out how to ship the box to the US and have a small factory that puts them on Ram 5500 outfitted with Unicat's TBD offroad package....any idea if they are going to use steel springs, airbags or liquid springs on these? Good for everyone. Likely to raise the...
  11. lucilius

    A couple EarthCruiser EXP/FX questions

    That Pakayak looks interesting. FWIW if you are looking for something else that is fun and packable, I would take a look at Long Haul kayaks (Colorado) and/or Klepper (European mfr who've had some ownership/manufacturing transitions over the past few years). They are proven over many decades in...
  12. lucilius

    Earthroamer Continental MPT 81 in Winter

    Yes. The SRW conversion required wheel adapters, the name of the manufacturer escapes me. I believe they are no longer in business. There are a few companies out there doing custom wheel adapters esp. given the growing number of SRW 550/5500 trucks/campers/brush rigs/etc. Perhaps the ideal route...
  13. lucilius

    Earthroamer Continental MPT 81 in Winter

    Alcoa Product Part Number 89U63x (my newest wheel is an 89U631, they've changed the #'s a bit over time) Wheel Size (in) 22.5" x 9" Mounting System Hub Pilot Bolt Holes 10 Bolt Circle 285.75mm Bolt Hole Diameter 26mm Hub Bore 220.1mm Approx. Weight (lbs) 48 lbs Outset...
  14. lucilius

    Earthroamer Continental MPT 81 in Winter

    Alcoa 22.5. I have a ~5-6" lift (custom rear leaf, front coil and king shocks along with some other parts to deal with the height difference)
  15. lucilius

    Earthroamer sell off?

    I've had mine for just shy of a decade and a half. It is rare that I park or fill up and someone doesn't walk up to say hi, nice camper, heavy truck tires, how do you change em?, man 90 gallons of diesel in Oregon is a plane ticket, etc. I must say I have never had anyone come up and say they...
  16. lucilius

    Unicorn on the Ocean - 1120AF Coming to Canada

    Good point, I never thought that it might be easier to simply build a bigger box provided that weight is not significantly different. Is the recommendation for an enclosed garage vs a lift more from your experience with weather/road debris or theft, both?
  17. lucilius

    StoryTeller Overland GXV Hilt

    I agree with your sentiment, most rigs seems to be growing, especially in terms of weight, but unless I'm missing something, the Rexrover, GXV Turtle&Adventure Truck, Earthroamer XVLT/LTi, ST Hilt, etc. are all roughly similar in size and represent the available "mid-size" of what is available...
  18. lucilius

    StoryTeller dropping Transit vans from the lineup

    It seems like that company has its hands full and trying to get up to speed. Have to wonder how much it costs to run production lines for two types of vans versus just offering one. Additionally, they might believe diesel to be preferable for a camper (greater fuel storage=range, diesel...
  19. lucilius

    What Earthroamer Won't Tell You!

    That is good info. I was going to convert to the kelderman on my ER (an XVLT that I've had since I bought it new in late 08 before they were using kelderman or 335/80 tires) but after a lot of research went with a leaf/coil setup from Pohl Springworks (Spokane WA, excellent crew who were...
  20. lucilius

    Big custom camper sightings

    There is potential drama with both tires and bearings, esp. if not used/maintained properly. The root issue is weight and the limits of the F550 as designed. Hopefully, the owner of the orange rig gets his vehicle on a scale regularly to see&track his front & rear axle weight, particularly since...