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  1. Expedition Key

    WTB: AT Summit , GFC , or FWC for F-150 5.5' Bed

    I'm looking for an AT Summit or similar for my 2014 F-150 5.5 bed. I'm in NorCal, but willing to drive up to 600 miles to pick up. Thanks, Kye
  2. Expedition Key

    What roof rack lights do you run?

    I've got a 2005 Xterra with a Gobi Stealth rack. I'm leaning towards buying (4) PIAA 510 ATP. They are 4" halogen which I prefer the light of over LED. What do you guys think? I'll be using them for trails in Northern CA and AZ. No real high speed driving, I'm wanting more of a spread. Thanks...
  3. Expedition Key

    2006 F550 4x4 Diesel

    2006 Ford F550 4x4 Diesel Crew Cab with aluminum bed and lift gate. 201,000 miles. New Ford factory motor installed by dealership at 180k. Cost was over $11,000. Mechanically it is in good shape with no major issues. The brake master cylinder has a very slow leak and I've yet to replace it (it's...
  4. Expedition Key

    2006 F-550 4X4 Powerstroke Diesel $18,200

    2006 F-550 4X4 Powerstroke Diesel XL 4 door Crew Cab $18,200 All aluminum very high quality heavy duty bed/body with 1500# hydraulic lift gate. 18k miles on new factory Ford Powerstroke diesel, Ford dealer installed at a cost of $11,800 , the truck has a total of 181k miles, though it feels...
  5. Expedition Key

    2007 F-250 4X4 Powerstroke Diesel $15,500

    2007 F-250 4X4 Powerstroke Diesel XLT with FX4 offroad package, 151K miles automatic, tan cloth interior in excellent like new condition. Floors and seats covered since day 1. Never offroaded or modified, never any serious towing. It's a really good truck. $15,500 if you have any questions...
  6. Expedition Key

    2007 F250 Diesel 4x4 crew cab, 2006 F550 4x4 crew cab diesel, 2004 Nissan Titan 4X4

    I thought I'd post all three of these together as I need to sell two of these and I can't decide which to keep. Can you tell I'm addicted to cool trucks:smiley_drive: I'll go with the remaining after the others sell. I am pricing well below book for a quick sale, though I'm in no real rush to...
  7. Expedition Key

    I need someone to help me build my trailer, will pay well.

    I need someone to help me build a job trailer from scratch, I'm a general contractor, and well versed in metal fabrication. What I'm lacking is time and energy. I just happen to have a remodel project going with a great 3 car garage thats empty. I've got about all the equipment that's needed...
  8. Expedition Key

    iphone4 for navigation

    Just returned from my trip, verdict.....iphone GPS not so hot without cell assistance! It did work without any cell reception, and was accurate for the first leg of my trip, but about an hour after I lost cell reception in the foothills around Iowa hill in the Tahoe National Forest, the GPS...
  9. Expedition Key

    iphone4 for navigation

    I was looking for info here on what the latest and greatest gps combo was, and feeling guilty about the money I was sure to drop on a good setup.... After a few threads and some googling, I picked up my iphone on the bedside table, curious about it's potential, and I downloaded this: "...
  10. Expedition Key

    CCW Pistol Recommendations

    Just bought the Bersa .380 myself. Waiting the 10 day wait for pickup, I'll post a review afterwards. I am very happy with the purchase, I probably spent at least 50 hours researching the thing before purchase. I also ordered 500 rounds of UMC 95 grn, and 60 of the Cor bon dxp.and a aFobus...
  11. Expedition Key

    Democratic Republic of Congo: Lubumbashi to Kinshasa

    That's an interesting approach, I hope we can share ideas like this without it being seen as criticism to F&J. I'm also curious if this would have worked. I have many times been stuck trying to back up hills in RWD truck which would probably roughly equate to the weight distribution of a loaded...
  12. Expedition Key

    USMC Utility Trailer / Ideal for Off Road Build

    "I'll get some more photos of it on Saturday morning and post them. My research indicates that these were used for hauling generators, compressors etc. Your idea of the job box is exactly what I was thinking, a water tight hauler.".....................:coffee:
  13. Expedition Key

    Another trailer idea

    What are you driving? If you have a full size (or 7/8 size ;), I'd go for it if the box is in good shape. I priced a new utility bed out like that a few years ago and IIRC it was around $7k. I'm on a lifetime lookout for an aluminum body from a compact truck to make a trailer out of. My...
  14. Expedition Key

    USMC Utility Trailer / Ideal for Off Road Build

    I'm interested, strange how small it is.... though I have Knaack job box that would fit the deck and make a nice watertight gear hauler. Any idea what the date of manufacture, tare weight, payload etc? Also, could you snap some pics of the axle and springs. Thanks
  15. Expedition Key

    Would you make this trade?

    Seems like you've made up your mind for now to keep the Dodge, but I'll throw in my .02 anyway. I had an 07 Ram Quad Cab 2500 CTD 4x4 longbed, and sold it and bought an 09 Tacoma Acess cab 4x4. My thoughts... Almost anytime you swap vehicles you lose money/time/energy. I miss the space...
  16. Expedition Key

    Democratic Republic of Congo: Lubumbashi to Kinshasa

    This went on for kilometers on end. Spiders were atually building a web on the inside of our windscreen. And then we tipped over again. Well I have a solution to the tipping over issue, just run 40" tires on the trench side and stockers on the high side... :smiley_drive:
  17. Expedition Key

    My Camping Trailer Project

    I think it's awesome Dirtco. Nice fab skills and it definitely has the cool factor of being your first Toyota frame and matching the clearance of your 4 Runner (with a killer departure angle to boot!. Also the "step" of the frame coinciding with steps up to the tent makes sense. Don't listen...
  18. Expedition Key

    Thailand Overland..well sort of

    I'm in Thailand for a month, just arrived in Chiangmai. I'd like to do a couple of weeks overland in the mountains, I usually have a strong aversion to tour led type trips but I have no idea about the area, and no vehicle capable here so I'm looking into a couple of offroad tour outfits. Anyone...
  19. Expedition Key

    My BIG *** tent

    Not really suitable for easy setup, takes me and one other an hour to setup. I've done it by myself once, wont again. Anyway her it is: It's really strong and light for it's size. I've had 6 people on the roof at the same time. Our military guys will be familier with it. Kye