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  1. laval

    Gravity-fed water system

    Sharing to the community my gravity feed/solar heated water system implementation. Functions achieved: -Quiet operation -Solar heating -No pressure in the system while driving -Simple shower set up -Easy water level monitoring -Full control over water flow (foot pump) that minimises water usage
  2. laval

    Nissan NV 2500 van conversion

    Snow peak IGT table plus different kind of containers are implemented to have inside or outside cooking layouts.
  3. laval

    Nissan NV 2500 van conversion

    3x100Ah Battleborn batteries, 4x100W solar Renogy panels, all electrical components are from Victron, Blue sea, Sterlink BlazeCut fire suppression system
  4. laval

    Nissan NV 2500 van conversion

    Hi, here are some pics showing the result of my build. Conversion is completed for now, it is time for testing/troubleshooting all systems before taking off. All work had been done with just a drill press and hand tools. 80/20 extrusions were used for all inside/outside frames, for woodworking -...