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  1. catmann

    New Defender News

    It will be harder to find these mules in the wild in the future as JLR has created an onsite lab for testing in varying weather conditions.
  2. catmann

    New Defender News

    How much smaller can you get than a D90? Sounds like it will be a SmartCar with a lift...
  3. catmann

    New Defender News

    For all the dire straits talk about JLR over the last couple years, this story sure has a positive tone to it..
  4. catmann

    Are older Land Rover Discoveries really that bad? How do they compare to contemporary Toyotas?

    I had a 2004 DII for a couple years, bought with the head gaskets having just been done and I averaged $250/mo in maintenance costs. Never stranded, just always something that needed attention. This guy bought a completely re-done 04 SE for $36,000 last August and just sold it today for...
  5. catmann

    New Defender News

    For those in the extreme north:
  6. catmann

    LR3 tires

    I know the OP must have already installed tires, but I wanted to add that I had the Falken's and loved them as well, but when I needed new tires they were backordered. I got the sister tire from the parent company, Sumitomo, called the Encounter and they have been equal or better on road. The...
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    New Defender News
  8. catmann

    New Defender News

    Jerry McGovern originally said the Defender was engineered to handle 33" wheels without modification, even though 32" has been standard. I guess this is why.
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    New Defender News

    There is no speed limit specifically for trucks. The US highways used to be mostly 55mph but in recent years most have been raised between 65mph and 75mph, with one stretch in Texas that now has an 85mph limit!
  10. catmann

    Lr4 Adpative Cruise Control???

    The build sheets used to be available in Topix, but JLR pulled that info from the free side of it. I am not sure if a short-term paid subscription to Topix will reveal that info, there are definately people on this and other LR forums that have subscriptions, so it may be good to ask someone...
  11. catmann

    New Defender News

    Looks like more shake-up at JLR as Tata forced the boss out. Who knows what plans may change at this point... How Bollore's plans for Jaguar Land Rover were derailed by chip crisis Thierry Bollore was close to generating positive results at JLR, but global events conspired against him...
  12. catmann

    Load Space/Cargo Space Liner, Protector, Cover LR4

    I have had two of these and they work great. Very similar to the camo one pictured above but it's just black and it does not have seams for the third row seats, which for me is better as piles of dog hair would just find it way in all those crevices. They make a standard cover which extends up...
  13. catmann

    New Defender News

    The 75th Anniversary is a little more subdued in a "real photo" than in the images above:
  14. catmann

    New Defender News

    A 2023 Trek Edition and a Grasmere Green 75th Anniversay Edition are coming for those looking for something "different":
  15. catmann

    Total Electronic Failure - deemed "totaled" 2011 LR4

    Take a look here to see if this helps you, I had the same thing happen and it was just one harness on the shifter assembly that corroded, after a new gear shifter assembly I was back in business. But there are other harnesses under the center console, so you would need to check them all to be...
  16. catmann

    LR3 Tires

    First, the best size for you will be 265/60/18 as it is will not rub in any circumstance. It fills the wheel wells just a bit more and looks like what the OEM tire should have been in my opinion. The 265/65/18 look great, but also look like someone purposely put larger tires on and can rub in...
  17. catmann

    New Defender News

    New 130 Winter testing without the rear mounted spare. The original sketches did not show the 130 with the rear mounted spare and these are the first images without it. Maybe it will be an option rather than standard (for a price I am sure)...
  18. catmann

    INEOS Grenadier

    Not sure if this was posted earlier in this thread, but prototype production is underway.
  19. catmann

    New Defender News

    Another 130 was spotted, this one on Feb 5th in an Edinburgh car park . I think being inside helps give it some real-world scale. I am curious just how much of a premium LR is going to charge for the extra foot of space...
  20. catmann

    LR3 Key Replacement

    My replacement FOB shell (can't remember where I bought it) for my LR3 just cracked around the top of the lock button after about 3 years of use. I ordered two shells at the time, one for me and one for my wife's RR but I never renewed her FOB, so I still have a spare shell I can use. But, I...