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  1. Regcabguy

    WTB 3RD Gen ram parts

    I have Carli's "soft" springs on my 2007 2500. I don't consider them soft with their Commuter shocks at all. I'd go with Don's. Tough to beat a used Smarty tuner. They're in Marketplace all the time.
  2. Regcabguy

    2021 Bundutec Wild - $35k

    That's a fine camper and a decent deal. We just sold our Northstar popup after 23 years.
  3. Regcabguy

    Rare As Hen’s Teeth…10’ Alaskan Pop Up

    Look for a used Northstar popup. Nice and roomy and they're everywhere. You can have a made up bed too sheets and all.
  4. Regcabguy

    Rare As Hen’s Teeth…10’ Alaskan Pop Up

    I was in Baja surfing and a guy with one invited me in to have a beer and get out of the elements. Sold. I got rid of my Toyota Hilux and bought a 1998.5 Ram 2500 and a Northstar TC800 popup. I never slept in a tent again.
  5. Regcabguy

    Want to buy Offroad / heavy duty Front Bumper for 2014 RAM 2500

    Girders add a lot of weight up front.
  6. Regcabguy

    Full Size Dodge Thread

  7. Regcabguy

    Full Size Dodge Thread

    Those are great wheels. Perfect offset,incresed load capacity and a 1/2" wider.
  8. Regcabguy

    Camper and Truck Photos

    Can you have a made up bed with that and have the top come down?
  9. Regcabguy

    Anyone Running Nitto Ridge Grappler 37x11.50s?

    It's subjective. I sold mine for some Toyo AT's. Strong tire though.
  10. Regcabguy

    Will stake pocket tie down be able to handle 1000lb camper?

    You have real metal in contrast to the Alumaduty. With that camper you'll be fine. If it proves to be insufficient the Happijac system is unbeatable.
  11. Regcabguy

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Bubbling crude is overpriced like gasoline now.
  12. Regcabguy

    PRICE DROP: 1999 F250 7.3L 4x4 with Six-Pac Camper For Sale

    It has coils up front in a 1999? Very cool rig.
  13. Regcabguy

    2004 Chevy Suburban LT 4x4 Las Vegas, Nevada $5,777

    That's a good buy folks. if I didn't already have two vehicles I'd snatch it up. Even a Jasper engine someday is cheap if needed.
  14. Regcabguy

    Ram 3500 - Spare tire options for 37s.

    What did they do stretch the frame?
  15. Regcabguy

    Legroom in a Chevy van for the driver?

    Same here. The Ford's are awful and I'm 6'2"
  16. Regcabguy

    Van vs Truck Camper

    The ULSD in Baja Norte is ours. I can't speak for Sur. I understand your concerns with government madated choked up diesels. The new gassers aren't exactly simple either.
  17. Regcabguy

    2021 RAM 3500 Tradesman | AEV Prospector | FWC Grandby

    Beautiful shots of beautiful spots. Thanks.
  18. Regcabguy

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    This is when bubbln' crude equaled decent fuel prices before we imported it.
  19. Regcabguy

    2007 Ram 2500 G-56 4x4.

    2007 Ram 2500 G-56 4x4.
  20. Regcabguy

    Cab high fiberglass white shell for a 2003-2009 Ram longbed.

    I'm looking for a fiberglass camper shell,topper or whatever for a 2003-2009 Ram longbed. White in color. A front slider or drop down window is helpful. Rack not necessary. Really good shape please. San Diego area but I can drive 50 miles for a good one.