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  1. freedomrider

    Coleman stove orange flame

    I had the same problem with a similar (but cleaner) stove. I'm pretty sure the problem was an obstruction in that burner's pipe. I'd read that spiders sometimes get in there and make a web that blocks gas flow. I never found any specific obstruction but a combination of wire coat hanger and air...
  2. freedomrider

    Solar Charging questions

    My Amazon cart sure is getting full as I complete my solar shopping list. (Where's the cash-burning emoji?)
  3. freedomrider

    Bought a new truck. 2017 F250 review.

    I used to have a zero frills F150 with a vinyl bench seat. I bought a no-name cloth seat cover and it worked great. I'm not a fan of my skin welding onto vinyl on a hot summer day. :) The vinyl looked brand new when I sold the truck.
  4. freedomrider

    Arb fridge

    If you have a local retailer, go in and ask for a discount. I bought an ARB fridge at a local 4 Wheel Parts store several years ago. It wasn't on sale but the sales guy (or maybe he was a manager) offered a discount without me even asking. It's worth a try.
  5. freedomrider

    Living full time in suburban - solar advice needed

    I think you're both right because you're describing two different things (at least that's my take). Per john61ct's post (#22 in this thread), the Engel rating is a typical total energy use per hour that the fridge is on. "Amp hr/hr" may be a scientifically-unsatisfying unit but it's useful for...
  6. freedomrider

    Whitney via the Scenic Route - 9/15 - 9/17

    Another fantastic trip and report. Thanks for sharing. :clapping: Cheers! Mike
  7. freedomrider

    Portable Generator Power Source for 12V Frig?

    I bought one of the popular brands of electro-glitter powerbox thingies and somewhat regret it. I had more money than time and it seemed like a no-brainer. That was before I knew about this sub-forum and all of the great info contained herein. I'm a bit of an info nerd and just like learning new...
  8. freedomrider

    2" receiver cargo basket rated for 1000#...? Feedback on idea, please?

    Oh the humanity For some reason I keep thinking about this scene:
  9. freedomrider

    FS: Torklift Tie Downs TLF2012 & TLF3006 (SOLD)

    ---SOLD--- For sale: TorkLift tie downs for slide in camper. I used these on my 2014 Ford F-350 (SRW) for less than 2 years and then had to sell my camper. I think they'll work with any F-250 or F-350 from that build but check the TorkLift website to see if they'll work for you. They're in good...
  10. freedomrider

    A (Sort Of) Overland Honeymoon

    Wow, what a photographic feast. Congratulations on the nuptials. With that honeymoon you're off to a good start for a happy marriage.
  11. freedomrider

    Battery Jumper cable recommendations?

    Pot.... kettle.... black.
  12. freedomrider

    Polychrome Peak & Mount Tyndall 9/22-9/25

    35 lbs. for 5 days in 'shoulder season' sierras indeed seems pretty low. Thanks again for the great post that has re-whetted my appetite for backpacking. It's only been a little over 30 years since my last trip (a damned cold January trip in the middle of Ohio at a place aptly named Burr Oak)...
  13. freedomrider

    Bay Area Offroad / Overland Amateur Radio Net

    I was inspired to get my tech license about 2.5 years ago from following one of your trip planning threads (wasn't in Bay Area at the time). Haven't really used it though so I'll try to tune in on my cheapo handheld.
  14. freedomrider

    Stop the Helinox insanity: Introducing the $570 cot

    Thanks. That's exactly the type of use I was wondering about. I'll check out the cots recommended in this thread when I move from my dome tent to a walled/cabin style.
  15. freedomrider

    Stop the Helinox insanity: Introducing the $570 cot

    I guess I'll have to rethink this. Whenever I saw photos of cots I envisioned the rails being as uncomfortable or worse than the ground for my long wingspan. Then again I've probably only seen cheap-o cots and envisioned them falling short on every level. I like the idea of maintaining storage...
  16. freedomrider

    Stop the Helinox insanity: Introducing the $570 cot

    Good point. Now that you mention it I have vague memories of trying to sleep around lumps of rock on several occasions. I guess I blocked those memories. :D
  17. freedomrider

    Stop the Helinox insanity: Introducing the $570 cot

    I've slept on the ground a lot but never on a cot. I'm all for improved comfort and/or utility but I'm left wondering how an air or foam mattress on a cot is better than the same mattress on the ground. What am I missing?
  18. freedomrider

    Zion and another "failed" wall.

    "Easy climb." :Wow1: I guess it's all relative. A few decades ago I used to do some piddly rock climbing compared to that and got paralyzed by knee shakes a couple of times. I can only imagine the view from half way up a face like that.
  19. freedomrider

    Polychrome Peak & Mount Tyndall 9/22-9/25

    Excellent report. The text alone was a good read. The photos were icing on the cake. :clapsmile What kind of load were you carrying when you hit the trail?