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  1. wfv56

    Another Enduro SuperTourer!

    The BigWig sway bar will really improve the handling on paved roads. I have a Ram 3500 flatbed camper setup and regret not doing it sooner.
  2. wfv56

    Heat Recovery Ventilators

    Are you finding some condensation unavoidabl? Is that what’s fueling the ventilator interest?
  3. wfv56

    1998.5 Dodge Ram CTD - Sally

    How does the Atlas transfer case compare to the Hero tcase?
  4. wfv56

    2021 Ford F250 Tremor Adventure Rig

    Source for the storage bags behind the sink and stove top? Thanks
  5. wfv56

    2023 GMC 3500 Sierra 4x4 - 6.6L Duramax / Camper ready! (PHX)

    Any trimming needed to run 37 inch tires with a leveling ki?
  6. wfv56

    2022 RAM 5500 Composite "Super Camper"

    I noticed earlier in the thread you had hopes of routing the urine from your composting toilet to the holding tank. Was that a successful endeavor?
  7. wfv56

    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    I see the point of disliking the MPT tires but ask what alternatives do you propose? Do we have any choices of 37 inch or larger tires for these trucks with load ratings equal to a MPT? These trucks are very heavy and when converted to Super Singles choices really narrow.
  8. wfv56

    Build: Ram 5500 and Arctic Fox 1140

    Wow. Thanks for the reply.
  9. wfv56

    Build: Ram 5500 and Arctic Fox 1140

    Maybe not portal material but I would love details of your off grid class A.
  10. wfv56

    Provan Tiger Bengal Thread

    Did that tiger sell?
  11. wfv56

    ATO AterraXL composite flatbed camper (pagoda roof)

    Thanks! Looks like you could run it a couple of hours in the evening and still have enough juice to power the fridge. In the West we find you can recover power quickly from solar. Much less true in the east where most camping spots have tree cover and far fewer cloudless sky’.
  12. wfv56

    ATO AterraXL composite flatbed camper (pagoda roof)

    They have any details on run time on the mini split AC unit after the sun goes down? Still only accommodating 200 Ah of battery?
  13. wfv56

    Heat Recovery Ventilators

    more details on your install. I can see a 16 inch length would be a challenge to hide in a small camper.
  14. wfv56

    MB 1120 Coming to America! Purchase, Build and Now Travel!

    That’s gorgeous! Location?
  15. wfv56

    What truck/camper combo won't shake apart off road, i.e. Dalton Hwy?

    Wonder how something like this would fit your needs?
  16. wfv56

    1998.5 Dodge Ram CTD - Sally

    Love this truck. Great work as always
  17. wfv56

    2022 RAM 5500 Composite "Super Camper"

    That’s a pretty flat run on the fill line. May be slow to fill with out the pump clicking off. Usually not a problem for gasoline but diesel foams a fair amount. Amazing work much respect!