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    when is it time to move on.

    I, personally, would be looking at Defenders once they hit the used market at reasonable prices. I, again personally, prefer IFS/IRS or solid/solid trucks and not IFS/solid combos. That pretty much leaves Land Rovers, Wranglers (which don't interest me), other European trucks (which rarely hold...
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    oil pressure sensor wire

    On a '95 SR there are two connectors on the same wire near the oil pressure switch/sender. One is for the idiot light trucks and the other is for the gauge pack. The other end of the wire goes to the connector for the gauge pack sub-harness. Not the gauge pack directly If your truck has an oil...
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    L494 RRS secondary battery install

    The next phase is done. I obtained a bracket from an early model with the auxiliary battery for the start/stop system. It's stamped as part #DK62-14N072-AB. It normally mounts the MEGA fuse blocks for the starting battery and the dual battery isolator/relay device. I'm only using the MEGA...
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    Any Hindrances Because of the LR Defender's Unibody Design?

    I think what some may be referring to in that regard is not so much repair as options to keep it cheap....A unibody for the most part need to be repaired to fairly OEM spec. A body on frame could be repaired the same way OR by lopping the damaged bodywork off, bolting on something useful to...
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    L494 RRS secondary battery install

    Nice. Looks like a tight fit, but seems to make it. I notice that your model has the parking brake controller in the spot I relocated the VQM to. I believe the parking brake controller was integrated into ABS module in later years, so mine doesn't have it. I'm not sure if it's the camera angle...
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    L494 RRS secondary battery install

    I'm slowly building my '17 L494 for exploring/camping/mild "Overlanding". Part of my needs are a second battery. This platform. along with the L405 (I assume), present some interesting problems and advantages. First being that the main battery is already in the back of the vehicle so cable runs...
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    Functional differences between Discovery L462 and RRS L494

    Dealership photo and another after installing 20" style 520 wheels and 275/55R20 Falken Wildpeak AT3W. I'll start a build thread when the other mods start rolling out. Great truck for now, very happy with the purchase.
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    Functional differences between Discovery L462 and RRS L494

    I ended up finding a 2017 RRS Supercharged Dynamic. In mid 2023 L494s are just much better value for money, option for option, than the L462s - if you don't need the extra space. I mostly camp solo and rarely go for more than a 3 day weekend. Cargo space wasn't too much of a concern and both...
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    Functional differences between Discovery L462 and RRS L494

    According to Wikipedia and other reading the 2013-2022 Range Rover (L405), 2014-2023 Range Rover Sport (L494) and the 2017-current Discovery (L462) are on the D7u platform. The D7x that the current Defender is built on is supposedly similar but stronger. The F-Pace and Velar are on the D7a...
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    Functional differences between Discovery L462 and RRS L494

    From the reading I've been doing, the L405, L462 and L494 are all basically the same platform. The L405 Range Rover is obviously a tad bigger. Other than the mix of different mixes of trim packages, option packages, features, engine options, and interior volumes is it safe to assume both the...
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    Looking for advice…

    Nice choice. While I've never driven a 3rd gen myself, based on prior vehicles I have driven, I prefer the IFS/IRS combo over IFS/live axle (or two live axles for that matter) for virtually everything other than scaling rock gardens.
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    Looking for advice…

    My personal sweet spot is the gen 2 ('94-'96) SR. It has the 3.5 motor, rear locker, and a decent axle ratio. Down side is that many consider the DOHC a tad harder to maintain than the '96+ SOHC.
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    is 4x4wire gone?

    Who owns the domain to make it so expensive? Curiosity only......
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    Montero Gen2 Parts Garage Sale

    Interested in the CV axles, if the larger SR ones. Close enough (assuming your profile location is correct) to come and pick through the stash for opportunities.
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    Pre OBDII and Torque

    Can't believe I forgot the links.... Where I bought it: Info from the creator. I believe you can buy directly from him through these forums:
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    Pre OBDII and Torque

    Over the past year I have been experimenting with replacing the Gen2 auxiliary gauge pack and factory stereo with an Android head unit. One of my goals was to no lose the voltage and oil pressure meters. There is an android app (Torque Pro) the replicates gauges on the screen using OBDII data...
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    How many Montero’s came with a rear locker?

    For the '94-'96 a close approximation can be made by scanning for the "engine" digit in the VIN. Almost all 3.5s in those years (the DOHC years) had the locker. For the earlier and later years engine size is not a good degerminator as all early trucks had 3.0s and all later trucks had 3.5 SOHC...
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    Cam Installation and Timing - 1996 3.5l DOHC

    As long as you have the cams in the correct locations, and the pulleys on the proper cams, it will all line up properly when putting the belt on. The passenger side head is a pain as it's very close to the "tipping point" (when the valve springs push it over and it rotates as NWoods indicated)...
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    2017 LR Discovery details

    Has anybody played in the interior yet? I'm one of the few who uses the 3rd row regularly and the best part about the LR3/4 third row was that my boys (and other Scouts) can use it up to about 6' tall (vs. the small child only 3rd row in most everything else). I'm hoping this doesn't change. Of...
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    LR3 thermostat check

    I believe I got it. Being fairly hard to bleed and then combined with very large differences in before and after the radiator temps (non-load, driveway revving) was sapping my confidence that everything was OK. It seemed like the thermostat wasn't opening properly, but I'm pretty sure it's...