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    2020 Crux 1610 Salt Lake City

    Price adjustment $13,000 0r $10,500 without the tent.
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    2020 Crux 1610 Salt Lake City

    It’s a standard 82”x 56” I believe and yes we have had wind pick up and it’s very solid, the tension from the mechanism pulls it taught and creates a very stout shelter.
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    2020 Crux 1610 Salt Lake City

    specific images available upon request
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    2020 Crux 1610 Salt Lake City

    $14,000 With the Bundutop $12,000 without CRUX 1610 Independent, Trailing-Arm style Coil-Sprung Suspension system includes heavy-duty spring rates and gas charged shocks to comfortably and confidently carry all of your equipment and gear. Crux 1610 rolls on beefy 31" Cooper All Terrain Tires...
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    5.4L EFI FFV V8 worth converting to 4x4 "sportsmobile"?

    I had a 2002 with the 5.4 and had Randy at advanced 4x4 convert it, it was a champ and chugged along just fine. Low miles and kept inside in 2011 it had 26,000 miles on it we drove it to 85,000 without issue. It tipped the scales at 10,000lbs and I would never tow more than 1000lbs with it and...
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    2019 CRUX 1610 with HotTap hot water!

    I put Bundutec on top of mine and couldn’t be happier. They pull great at 75mph on the freeway and will blast down washboard roads and not break eggs in the fridge. I did not break my tent I planned on swapping the tent before I purchased it. Sold the tent for $1,500 in two days, built a new...
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    Adventure Trailer Horizon

    I am ready to come pic up the trailer...... P M sent