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    1988 Toyota 4x4 + 1977 Chinook Build

    Wow, I've never seen this thread before. So. Much. Win.
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    SOLD 2.7L Tacoma w/ Camper Shell

    I'm not in the market, but this is excellent! All of the right things complete and no excess. Awesome rig, congrats on the Sprinter.
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    16 tacoma smooth riding shocks? no lift wanted

    The ride quality difference of 5100s and Fox/Icon/Kings is night and day. I have 5100s on stock TRD coils and would not consider it a smoother ride than stock by any stretch of the imagination.
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    16 tacoma smooth riding shocks? no lift wanted

    I don't have a 16 but this is exactly what I'm looking to do. Add quality to the ride without height. I found fox 2.0 to be the answer. I've driven other fox suspension in the past and can absolutely say the ride a world different. Albeit these were not 2.0 or on a Tacoma. I don't have any...
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    Front Receiver Hitch ???

    CBI off-road makes a hidden hitch mount for tacomas. Not sure about 4 runners using the same mount but it would be a neat concept.
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    Previa awd - "Expedition Lite"

    Awesome picture! Nice set up!
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    Is this the one? Need some vehicle advice.

    Tried to quote this and failed "Do you guy's feel that the warranty they sell you for 3 years / 5 years is actually worth it?" I don't think the Carnax warranty would be worth it for a truck as reliable as these tacomas but I have seen a strong case to be made for those carmax bumper to bumper...
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    OEM+/mild build. Ramblings of trips past and future.

    This year we pulled a pair of motorcycles to Denver and rode from there. Left the truck in Denver so it didn't get a real taste of Colorado but I figured I would post pictures anyway. The bikes combined weight was probably around the 1100-1300lbs mark (NC700x and r1200GSA). This picture is...
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    The Utilitarian-Camper 2nd Gen Tacoma

    This awesomeness needs a bump.
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    Pictures of Expedition Motorcycles

    How about some motion pictures?
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    CA18_Sean's HJ75 Troopy - Build & Restore Thread

    It his is such sweet build. I'm glad it got bumped back to the top.
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    Calling all Ford Rangers!

    Saw this today at Louisiana State University. Pretty sweet looking rig. Pretty comparable in size to Colorado and Tacoma. I just hope they bring the diesel and put pressure on Toyota. Sweet ride nonetheless.
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    The Bold Overland Tacoma - Build Thread

    Just read through your thread (and Zack's...) today. You were able to get the warn running again? Looking forward to seeing this truck progress.
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    2012 Taco known as "Wiggles"

    :ugh::ugh::ugh:I'll be watching. Our trucks are nearly twins except I went with 5100s and it's a prerunner :ugh:
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    Old's Cool

    Love it when this thread gets bumped. :clapping:
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    OEM+/mild build. Ramblings of trips past and future.

    I can understand liking Colorado passes but from what I hear the Tetons have a ton to offer. I really want to make a trip out there one day. The flights are just sooo much more expensive.
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    OEM+/mild build. Ramblings of trips past and future.

    I agree! The bike park is phenomenal. I too like to keep the wheels on the ground (for the most part) and the slope style as well as the pump track were my favorite. The pump track taught me to look way ahead through the corner. Funny story about the bike part: I was waiting at the top of the...
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    OEM+/mild build. Ramblings of trips past and future.

    I can't disagree. I need to enjoy it more. The best part about keeping it mostly stock is saving all the money I would be sinking into mods. I'm afraid if I got started I wouldn't stop modding. Having said that, a mild lift is at the top of the list.