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    Budget VW T3 Conversion

    800 euro? That's a steal!
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    Volvo XC70 a good overlander?

    Billiebob. They are almost identical in appearance :) Cool vehicles nonetheless. That portal axle xc70, wow!
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    Volvo XC70 a good overlander?

    Billiebob. I don't disagree, but those are Pinzgauers, not Volvo's ;)
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    NATO G Wagons

    I saw a build just like that on this very forum several years ago. If I'm not mistaken they went to Iceland with it. Try searching and you might find it. Very cool build.
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    Gen 2.5 getting power up to the roof

    You can run a pretty thick cable along the a-pillar window trim without it blocking your view or getting in the way of the wipers. Lots of good sticky stuff available to make it semi permanent. Much better than drilling through the roof.
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    Volvo xc90 build.

    Nice car, wish you all luck with your project. You might want to look elsewhere for your driveshafts however. The XC90 is based on the P2 platform and shares driveline components with the xc70 making them equally ************.
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    vivaro/trafic van 4x4 expedition build UK

    That's one heck of a build! Cool!
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    2011 Ford Focus. Building a better traveling vehicle (Small Budget build).

    Here's some more information on the subject: In europe max towing speed for all trailers/caravans regardless of vehicle is 80 kph /50 mph. (There are uprated caravans and trailers that can be towed at...
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    New to me XC90

    Nice Daily drivers. Biggest issue is that the suspension and driveline components are not really strong enough for such a heavy car. Offroad driving is out of the question without serious upgrades.
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    NEWBIE Landcruiser Camper

    I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert on the matter, but. If you fix the camper to the chassis, there's a good chance you will warp the whole thing. It will probably not like moving with the chassis. I'd say stick with the 3 point system, but maybe beef it up a bit. Sweet looking ride...
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    Skiers Lodge - Build Thread

    Gotta love those mini velodrome tracks. They're a lot of fun. Clearly I must visit Trysil while it's still MTB season :)
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    looking for advice on purchasing a Volvo XC70!

    Bull****. Nice bump by the way. Way to go.
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    Best route for wires from interior to roof for lights, antennas, etc?

    We do this to all our work cars who have lights and antennas on the roof. By far the best soloution in my opinion. No need to cut holes. No need to worry about leakages and you can remove it without leaving a trace.
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    looking for advice on purchasing a Volvo XC70!

    The ethanol 1,8f engine and the 2.0f 4 cylinder are both Ford engines.
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    Time to upgrade my lighting setup!

    Lots of great ideas posted. I live in an area that get 17 hours of darkness during winter, so I like drivinglights. What I would do, and probably will when I get a truck/SUV is this: Get two 6"+ pencil beams for the front and a curved lightbar for the roof. Pencil beams will give you more than...
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    looking for advice on purchasing a Volvo XC70!

    Stay away from pre 2003 awd models all together. 2005 up are Great. Granted spare parts can be a pain I've heard. An autoshop who can't work on a Volvo? Not much skill there..
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    external wiring to the inside?

    On our work cars we run the cable from the roof lights along the windshield and into a fuse box under the hood. Works great even with HAM-radio wire. The guys who install it use a high grade superglue to fix the cable.
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    looking for an expedition car/wagon/small suv.

    On the Volvo-track:
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    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    Looks like you could use an odd pipe or two :wings:
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    Lamin-x yellow on Hella 500s

    A very short wiki-article about the subject, but it explains the basics.