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  1. blindluck

    Alu-cab shadow on Rhino Rack help request

    Actually, I never considered mounting the brackets vertically rather than horizontally. Live and learn.
  2. blindluck

    Alu-cab shadow on Rhino Rack help request

    Hi, I cant figure out how to attach the shadow to the rhino-rack with the provided mount. Emails to alu-cab and the vendor have been fruitless. Do you have any instructions or pics that may help? Thanks!
  3. blindluck

    Help me find a do everything 2p tent

    There is no tent that would meet your criteria. There are summer tents for backpacking (lightweight) or for car camping (heavy but can stand up in them with lots of room) and winter tents for mountaineering (neither lightweight nor can stand up in them). They are all made with significantly...
  4. blindluck

    07' FJC Build

    DaPit, I'd appreciate if you could share your thoughts about the GY MTRs vs. Hankook Dynapro mt and BFG KM2 in terms of traction, wear, noise, likes and dislikes, etc. Thanks and cool pics BTW.