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  1. sami

    Baja 1000 - My New Found Drug

    I know guys, I'm sorry about the Photobucket BS.. I may reload my B1K trip photo onto a new photo service and repost them soon. I hate this as much as you guys.
  2. sami

    Baja 1000 - My New Found Drug

    We had a duty to assist Joe Bacal in the #870 Lexus LX570 race truck by relaying when the truck had crested the first hill leading into the mountain section that they would navigate throughout the night. The powerful Lexus roared by our camp just after sun-down and made dust into the darkness...
  3. sami

    Baja 1000 - My New Found Drug

    After the initial trophy trucks came the class 1 cars, 7 class trucks, class 5 cars, 16 cars and all the rest of the pack.
  4. sami

    Baja 1000 - My New Found Drug

    Shortly after the last of the bikes and ATV's rolled through we could hear the monstrous screaming of 800hp approaching. Trophy trucks. I took up position down the road from our camp armed with my Nikon so that I could snap nearly head-on shots of the trucks and buggies. I was excited to capture...
  5. sami

    Baja 1000 - My New Found Drug

    Friday – Fending Off Frenzied Desert Trucks Surviving the late night visit from a cow and it's calf wandering through camp, the group's wake-up times staggered as the sun rose into the sky; signaling that the first of the 44th annual Baja 1000 participants, the motorcycles and ATV's...
  6. sami

    Baja 1000 - My New Found Drug

    After countless tacos, Fantas and Cokes, we headed back to the hotel to check out. We loaded up our gear in the rigs which were still under guarded watch, and once again headed out to look at more trucks as they slowly crept closer to the tech inspection area. It was cool to see rural residents...
  7. sami

    Baja 1000 - My New Found Drug

    Thursday – Contingency Row's Diverse Desert Cars Thursday would consist of walking around 'Contingency Row' which is essentially a parade of all manner of vehicles built to attempt and hopefully conquer the ominous Baja 1000 as they make their way to the tech inspection area to be cleared...
  8. sami

    Baja 1000 - My New Found Drug

    San Felipe is a relaxing little fishing village that I want to go back to, and which I find myself visiting there in my daydreams now that I'm back to reality in the daily grind. After Ryan bought a straw hat, some leather clog style sandals, and Marc loaded up on 3 gallons of vanilla and...
  9. sami

    Baja 1000 - My New Found Drug

    The following report is a somewhat complete history of my recent adventure into Mexico for 6 days to witness the 2011 Baja 1000 with a group of friends. No animals were harmed in the making of this story. Monday Evening – Witch of the Sea Style Attitude and Coyote Lullabies: Dave Connors...
  10. sami

    Land Cruiser Photos

  11. sami

    Re-tread tires

    I just purchased 4ea 285/75-16 Guard Dogs in load range E for $488.15 shipped. Should ship in 4-5 weeks as they're backordered items. These will be going on my '06 Nissan Xterra with 2" OME lift, rock sliders, and loaded with gear. Hopefully this year will see a front and/or rear bumper...
  12. sami

    Expo prepped Hummer H3T

    Err, I see your rig around town somewhat frequently. I've more or less fallen in love with it, and now I really want the same setup. I believe I saw a blonde chick driving it the other day.. Does she come with the truck at time of purchase? ;)
  13. sami

    Random dog shots

    I just looked through this entire thread, and I love it. It kills me how many people post the same photos over and over. Some a year apart, some a few months apart, and a few I saw as little as one to two weeks apart - duplicate posts.. So many great dogs, and awesome shots. Here's some...
  14. sami

    This Morning Breakfast Will Consist of....

    Hells yes! Camping up American Fork Canyon with some buds.. 'Shrooms, onion, bell peppers, bacon, egg, bacon The crazy chef!
  15. sami

    Trip To White River Campground At Mt. Rainier National Park August 2010

    I can't wait for some relaxation of my own.. I've got way too many projects around the house for the next month or two. I did notice in your second post, you're wearing hiking boots. ?
  16. sami

    VW "VANGO" - Kirkham's Tent

    Not affiliated in any way.. Just passing this on. VanGo Kirkham's van tent Make an offer Located In: Payson, UT 84651 Description: This is a VanGo tent from Kirkham's. It was supposedly made to attach to the side door of a VW van as an extension tent. Bag has some stains but the tent...
  17. sami

    FJ45 or FJ55

    Funny to find this old thread... Since I now own an FJ55 ;) But man would I love to have a 45 series anything...
  18. sami

    Relic Run 2010 - Official Report

    We're back from Relic Run 2010! 12 rigs loaded with gear headed for the Uintah mountain range in an atempt to revist the camping and exploring methods of yester years via aged IH Scouts, 40 Series Land Cruisers, manual chokes, topo maps, lanterns and stoves running on white gas, twinkies and...