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  1. 19mystic96

    Lone Peak Overland

    How'd you get it lifted onto the truck?
  2. 19mystic96

    Lone Peak Overland

    Seems silly for them to not sell them individually. Especially if they were designed to have 3 in the first place. I wonder if LP would change their minds if there were enough people to call and complain/inquire.
  3. 19mystic96

    2019 Quigley - Chevy Express 3500 6.0L extended - Kinetic Blue - Low Miles - $70k

    This hits too close to home for pretty much all our hobbies
  4. 19mystic96

    Go Fast Camper (GFC) Platform Camper XL - V2

    Btw I saw this same ad on another forum and it's sold already
  5. 19mystic96

    Go Fast Camper (GFC) Platform Camper XL - V2

    Uhhh....... its on a super duty.....
  6. 19mystic96

    2022 Four Wheel Camper Project M (Fits 2019+ F250) $15k

    More pics? I have a 2022 super duty and have been looking for something just like this.
  7. 19mystic96

    For Sale 2018 Taco w/ new Project M - Complete rig $45K or $15K for Project M separately. Thank you. text Brian at (619) 851-8343

    This is one VERY detailed post. FELLOW EXPO members take note! This is how all for sale ads should be!
  8. 19mystic96

    I'm not talking "Kommando Spezialkräfte", but pretty darn close, how would you build your next RIG?

    Aren't you the guy who got banned from here for pissing off the mods?
  9. 19mystic96

    The Dometic CFX3 Mega Thread

    Hopefully @Dometic will make this right
  10. 19mystic96

    Vagabond Outdoors Nomad - Fits 8' or 6.5' Trucks

    Very cool setup. Good luck with the sale. Also: love the license plate lol
  11. 19mystic96

    Solid human waste disposal/containment?

    Your specialty is bumping years old threads back up to the top, isn't it?
  12. 19mystic96

    Suspension for an overweight Tacoma (2nd gen)?

    That's a real unpopular article for some people on here..... you know, for the people who think it's ok to overload a vehicle and drive it down the road potentially right next to you and your family.
  13. 19mystic96

    FS: 1996 Lexus LX450 32,000 Miles perfect condition $90,000

    Lemme know who buys this for $90,000. Maybe I can sell them some oceanfront property in Kansas
  14. 19mystic96

    Maxing out your truck’s payload

    This isn't true. I snapped an axle in my 2010 raptor. Looking in the side view mirror you could see the tire was out considerably farther than usual. If you snap an axle on these, you are relying on 2 small bolts holding the caliper in place to keep the wheel/tire from completely coming off...
  15. 19mystic96

    New CHEAP satellite messenger!

    Is this thing any different than a Zoleo or InReach?
  16. 19mystic96

    those of you looking for a rear drawer system.

    Only $70 for this?! I'll take 4 please!
  17. 19mystic96

    The Dometic CFX3 Mega Thread

    Very interesting. Never would've even thought of that situation. Learned something new today. Thanks for that.
  18. 19mystic96

    The Dometic CFX3 Mega Thread

    In what situation would you need to have the fridge plugged in to AC and DC at the same time?
  19. 19mystic96

    1988 XJ Pioneer “Rock Bottom”

    The paint job is very cool. If it were mine I'd leave it! (But it's not and you're free to do whatever you like with your vehicles because an opinion of a stranger from an online message board really means nothing)