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  1. Michael Brown

    2003 Montero - Hydraulic Brake Booster longevity & general advice

    The Shade-tree mechanic method for ABS bleed is to go down a long, straight dirt road and slam the brakes. That activates the ABS enough to cycle the valves and help purge the air. Make sure you have plenty of road and no traffic if you attempt this.
  2. Michael Brown

    New Gen3 Montero Owner...2001 XLS

    I swear I've seen that button before. Someone else on the forum had it, might have been the same rig. It is not OEM for anything. You can check FSM to confirm that. You'll have to trace the wire to see where it leads. I vaguely recall it being used for a power antenna in the past. Flip the...
  3. Michael Brown

    New Gen3 Montero Owner...2001 XLS

    Hey all. The Mitsubishi Diaqueen, KIA, and Hyundai SP-III fluids are all supposed to have the same specification. I have used all 3 in my Gen 3 when changing fluid. IIRC it takes about 10 quarts to fully flush/fill using the cooler line method in a driveway. I bought the fluid in cases from...
  4. Michael Brown

    Factory Service Manuals Online

    Found this FSM for the Lexus GX460. It is ~550MB and runs as HTML application.
  5. Michael Brown

    2002 montero limited rear end rumble/vibration over 50mph

    For more troubleshooting, put the car into 4H and see if you get the same vibration. This should move some of the output load to the front axle. Also for reference: 2Hi - Standard RWD 4Hi - AWD with open center diff 4HLc - 4WD Hi with locked center diff 4LLc - 4WD Lo with locked center diff
  6. Michael Brown

    2002 montero limited rear end rumble/vibration over 50mph

    This is possible, but it would be a noticeable noise from the front axle when it engages. There used to be a good diagnosis page, but it seems to have a broken/404 error now. If you haven't already, grab an FSM from the link in my signature. There should be a diagnosis section for the C-diff...
  7. Michael Brown

    2002 montero limited rear end rumble/vibration over 50mph

    Are the wheels and tires balanced?
  8. Michael Brown

    2002 montero limited rear end rumble/vibration over 50mph

    I was about to suggest checking the fluid or flushing the transmission. They get a similar feeling to driving down a rumble strip. My 01 did it going uphill around 40-45mph. The increase in pitch with speed makes me think diff gears, though. Hopefully you find something out.
  9. Michael Brown

    Gen III front tire 4WD lights blinking

    Good deal. I also replaced some of the vacuum lines when I did mine. Glad it was a simple fix.
  10. Michael Brown

    Introducing Rosa, FG bus build

    It's a very unique look. Another one was posted here in 2018. Not sure who picked it up.
  11. Michael Brown

    Smaller than a FUSO - larger than a HiAce ?

    Agree with the sprinter van. Daimler, RAM, and Ford have USA options. AWD and 4WD versions are in the lineups.
  12. Michael Brown

    JDM montero/Pajero

    You can probably find information in the Australian Pajero forums. They will have lots of experience with the diesel engines.
  13. Michael Brown

    Montero Rear Coolant Leak? (Gen 3)

    If those are behind the rear passenger tire, then it is the rear AC system. The Gen 3 has a separate blower fan, AC unit, and heater core in the rear that can run independent of the front AC system. There are coolant lines to get warm liquid to this heater core. Grab an FSM from my signature...
  14. Michael Brown

    Gen III front tire 4WD lights blinking

    Also check this article:
  15. Michael Brown

    Gen III front tire 4WD lights blinking

    These are also known to get "stuck" when not used for extended periods. The vacuum connections control the front axle disconnect for free-wheel. The other connectors control the transfer case functions. Regular exercise of the system keeps it in better condition. Also, is this a 01-02 XLS or...
  16. Michael Brown

    2024 L200 launched, will it come to USA?

    I don't think the L200 will ever import to the US. The Nissan ownership already has the Frontier and won't import competition. It also would likely sell poorly compared to other small trucks in the segment here.
  17. Michael Brown

    Cylinder-1 Misfire: advice needed

    It could be a possibility. Bad gasket or leaking hose letting most of the air into 1 cylinder might happen at the front of the manifold.
  18. Michael Brown

    Bug deflector for 3rd gen Montero

    This is about all I can find, but cannot confirm fitment.
  19. Michael Brown

    Oil Cooler Lines, ATF rating ok?

    I am also not a certified mechanic, but ATF lines should be rated for fuel/oil. Those should work without issues. The only type of hose that I know you cannot use with any oil is silicone. It will absorb oil and can expand.
  20. Michael Brown

    Gen 3 4.9 Diffs

    I used a floor jack and an extra set of hands to help balance it. They are not extremely heavy, but awkward to hold above you.