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  1. emohn

    SOLD 2 Renogy Solar Charge Controllers

    Got it. I'll DM you back to set up a location and time. Thanks! -Erik M
  2. emohn

    SOLD 2 Renogy Solar Charge Controllers

    Hi Fritzoc, I’m here in Louisville and interested in picking up the charger+Bluetooth model - potentially the other as a spare (or for another project) as well. Let me know if you’re around this week and able to meet up to sell. Thanks, -Erik M
  3. emohn

    E.J.'s Dirty Nismo 2005 Frontier CC Build Thread/Journal

    Good to hear on all accounts. How's the noise level on the DC's? The ST Maxx was the direction I was initially heading with tire choice - I knew the DCs were less expensive, but lighter is intriguing as well. I don't mind a bit of noise around town, but my truck is the vehicle that we take on...
  4. emohn

    E.J.'s Dirty Nismo 2005 Frontier CC Build Thread/Journal

    Hey EJ, I also have a 2005 CrewCab LE and have been thinking about celebrating it's 200k mile birthday by treating it to a suspension refresh all around. I used to do quite a bit of towing with the truck and the rear leaf packs are nearly completely flat as a result, in addition to the shocks...
  5. emohn

    "Lola" - WreckDiver1321's 2005 Frontier CC/SB Nismo Build and Adventure Thread

    Love those tie-down anchors from Amazon! Got a link? I've been wanting to put some form of a temporary anchor in the floor of my bed to help pin down a Plano toolbox I keep tucked along the driver's side of the bed, aft of the wheel well, but struggled to fine a good way to lock it down. I like...
  6. emohn

    My SAS Mazda B2600 Diesel Expedition project

    Hey Jeff, Passed you on hwy 22 earlier today and the truck's looking great! Such a cool project. Wish there was a decent diesel option for my Frontier. It's the perfect size truck for me, but my 15 mpg fill ups hurt every time. -Erik M
  7. emohn

    BLT Offroad KLR

    Can I get a better shot of your tooltube mounting if you get a chance? I bought one of the tool tubes, but have yet to figure out where I want to mount it on my KLR. Picking up another and going up high on the rear rack, like you've done, looks pretty slick. -Erik
  8. emohn

    New to me 2000 KLR650

    Awesome! I wish someone had mentioned that to me before I snapped my first two buckles on my pad. I'll be removing the rest of the straps/buckles this evening and using some para-cord to lace the pad onto the seat. Thanks!
  9. emohn

    Cabritos 2000 KLR650

    Nice KLR! Here's mine (also a green 2000 model) loaded up for a 1400 mile Lap of Kentucky. I bought it back in February from a guy in Knoxville off and have put about 3k miles on it since. I'm having a blast with it. I've added the $17 Stearns ATV seat pad, $18 nylon...
  10. emohn

    Diesel JK?

    Right here in America, ready to buy now, price just reduced..... to $42k :wow1: :drool::drool::drool:
  11. emohn

    garage sale

    Second in line on the Alpine deck if dyogim passes.
  12. emohn

    New to me 2000 KLR650

    Hey, nice KLR!!! I just picked up a new-to-me 2000 KLR650 a couple weeks ago as well. Same color scheme, though your plastics aren't nearly as faded and beat up as mine. I'm a novice rider, but so far I've found the KLR to be exactly the bike I needed. Not too much power for a beginner...
  13. emohn

    KTM to sell electric motorcycles.

    I believe gnarly is the first word that popped into my mind. Freakin' gnarly.
  14. emohn

    DRZ400 expedition build for OVERLAND EXPO trip

    I've also heard good things about Sweet Cheeks from DRZ and WR owners. Adds some much needed width and thigh support, while also giving you some liquid storage options. I wonder if the Walmart ATV pad and the sweet cheeks could work together?
  15. emohn

    Little Guy Off-road

    There is a kitchen. Agreed on your other points, though. It really needs more clearance from the tire to fender. The weight doesn't seem too high, assuming it's got a beefy frame.
  16. emohn

    Converting a beater Transalp into the ultimate expedition bike

    Jeff, It's probably going to be rather difficult, as Red Bull is extremely protective of their image/branding, but I know a guy who used to work with their local marketing rep and also know a few local (Louisville) graphics guys, so I might be able to make something happen for you. -Erik P.S...
  17. emohn

    Panniers 101?

    Trail Monkey, I'm pretty sure he's asking for advice on bicycle panniers (this is the bicycle sub-forum), but I could be wrong.
  18. emohn

    "Open Source" Trailer, Teardrop and even RTT Plans

    I've seen this come up in several different threads now and thought it might be a good idea to create a thread of links to publicly available plans and designs. I'd like to exclude links to build logs, unless they're written in such a way as to make measurements/plans/etc openly available for...