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  1. alanymarce

    Using octane booster in remote areas with my L322

    I wouldn't worry about for an occasional fill. Not ideal, and the consumption will increase, however the computer is supposed to adjust the timing to avoid problems. Depending on the route you take I think you'll find premium fuel enough of the time to be OK. If it makes you happy use the...
  2. alanymarce

    Cool Jeeps You Can't Have - Mahindra of India

    A few Thars in Rajasthan - very common outside cities.
  3. alanymarce

    Better jack for a long travel suspension an Overlanding vehicle?

    We carry two bottle jacks - one smaller than the other. In tight spaces you can use the smaller one to create enough room for the bigger one. You can also lift both sides of the front/back or both ends of one side of the vehicle. Second point, is to lift the axle or hub rather than trying to...
  4. alanymarce

    In Praise of the Humble Rental Car

    Renting makes sense for trips of a few weeks, where shipping your own vehicle is far too expensive, and where buying and selling later makes no sense either. In the last three years: We rented a 4WD with RTT in Iceland on a five week trip and any other option would have been crazy. We rented...
  5. alanymarce

    5 Year Trip in an INEOS Grenadier Across the World towing a Patriot X3 Which We Live In

    Thank you for taking my comment in a positive light. You nailed the reasons, I think.
  6. alanymarce

    5 Year Trip in an INEOS Grenadier Across the World towing a Patriot X3 Which We Live In

    Good answer, however... The population density in Europe is 71 per km2. The population density in the USA is 37 per km2, so half, not a third (I know, picky, picky).
  7. alanymarce

    5 Year Trip in an INEOS Grenadier Across the World towing a Patriot X3 Which We Live In

    It looks as if it'll be a while before you're in Colombia...
  8. alanymarce

    Sleeping Platform / Storage / Kitchen Options

    Carefully! To be more helpful: it's not that tough - I'm not the world's most flexible person but find it easy to get in and out. You use the side doors, not the rear. We've had the same set up, more or less, in our Montero (2015 to date), our LC80 (2017-2018), and the Wrangler (2022-2023)...
  9. alanymarce

    Is there a RTT that can handle extreme weather ?

    As fishenough asks "what is extreme?". We used an Autohome Columbus in Iceland (the clue is in the name) and for the first couple of weeks the weather was pretty bad - heavy rain and wind. It worked well - no leaks, no problems.
  10. alanymarce

    Sleeping Platform / Storage / Kitchen Options

    Hmm - we spent: 1. Lumber: pine plyboard, sandpaper, piano hinges. CAD 127.77 (Note: the “2 x 4” lumber for the bed frame was recycled) 2. Metro, Montréal - 2 x collapsible grocery baskets. CAD 2.50 each. 3. Canadian Tyre: storage boxes CAD 71.64. So CAD 204.41 (currently USD 150 or...
  11. alanymarce

    Anyone go from LC to Wrangler?

    Absolutely - the problems with our LC were in two categories: - simple wear and tear with no major impact, to be expected and dealt with as they arise; some can be handled with routine maintenance, although a failed A/C motor is tough to predict, and I'd guess that most people wouldn't replace...
  12. alanymarce

    Anyone go from LC to Wrangler?

    Hmm ; reputations are that Land Cruisers are very reliable, and Jeeps not. I've owned one LC and 4 Jeeps. The first three Jeeps were perfectly reliable (zero problems). The fourth (Wrangler JK LWB), owned for 2 years for a trip around Canada, was very good but but not perfect: This year...
  13. alanymarce

    Cellular device for international travel

    For many years I've used a Vodafone SIM whenever away from home and it's good in most countries. At home I use Claro, and the only reason I haven't switched to Movistar (which is a better service) is that we have one phone with each and coverage varies, so with both we get better coverage. So...
  14. alanymarce

    Why are torsion bars so vilified? And were Land Cruisers ever designed for recreational off-roading

    Angola: I've never seen anyone driving LCs over boulders for the h**l of it - we used them for getting from A to B, on what could be tough roads, but (land mines permitting) would always take the easiest route. In that part of the world breaking something by pushing the vehicle too hard is to...
  15. alanymarce

    Off Road proof oil storage

    We just leave the oil in the bottle in which it came. We pack it such that there's little or no impact on the bottle, and it stays upright (more or less). Haven;t had a problem yet.
  16. alanymarce

    For Sale in Vancouver, British Columbia – Wrangler JK ready for the next overland trip – USD 25,700 (OBO) – available in British Columbia

    We’ve just completed our last long trip, 51,000 km around Canada, and are selling the Jeep Wrangler JK Sahara Unlimited 4 door which was perfect for the trip. We took out the rear seats and fitted a bed frame and custom-made mattress, with storage space below the bed. The forward section of the...
  17. alanymarce

    500,000th G-Wagen

    ...and my 1986 GE.
  18. alanymarce

    Your favorite ground tent that will fit in a Jeep?

    We bought a couple of Gysrevi tents last year to camp with Marcela's Mum for 5 weeks (and took out our bed and put the rear seats back in for this period). Perhaps not tall enough for oyu but they are easy to put up/take down, take up little space, and are light. Worked well for us.
  19. alanymarce

    Hourless Life: Documenting Our Global Overland Adventure

    In terms of traffic as you continue south: - Perú, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Paraguay are most similar to Colombia - Chile is orderly - Argentina is fast but generally competent - Brazil is fast and anarchic except for 100 m either side of speed traps - Uruguay is sedate - Venezuela makes Colombia...