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  1. out.wandering.McL

    RTT: Autohome Columbus Variant Med.

    Bought the tent, great seller!
  2. out.wandering.McL

    RTT: Autohome Columbus Variant Med.

    Interested if you still have it, thanks
  3. out.wandering.McL

    Navigator for Non-US

    I recommend a waterproof android phone loaded with Locus, caltopo, and oruxmaps. You can find free maps to download from and download whole countries so you have them without cell service. I would not recommend a device such as Garmin for your trip as it is a more specialty...
  4. out.wandering.McL

    Someone explain why GAIA gets so much love

    I too have not found love for Gaia. I use Caltopo, Locus maps, and oruxmaps as my primary map apps. However, both Locus and orux maps are not available on iPhone, so that leaves caltopo and Gaia.
  5. out.wandering.McL

    ORUX XML files converted into a KML Custom Map Source for Gaia?

    Have you tried Locus maps? Might be more friendly to you than roux while still allowing you to use your various map sources
  6. out.wandering.McL

    Gaia vs Onx

    I have always been frustrated with Gaia. I think that the primary reason that it has so much market share is that it is available on both iPhone and android. The initial reason that I got a smart phone was mapping. At this point, I find that Oruxmaps, Locus maps, and Caltopo are my go to map...
  7. out.wandering.McL

    GPS on a laptop - please help

    I know that the OP asked about a solution which would use a windows laptop, but....I would highly suggest an android tablet running Oruxmaps, Locus maps, Caltopo, etc. Both Oruxmaps and Locus can use maps from which is an incredible resource. When I was working in Asia, I...
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    Hey Moderators... Rules??

    I did not read through all of the 6 pages of this thread, but as someone who has been on here for a couple of years and really appreciated the site, but not posted much, I am glad that now that I am selling our sprinter, I am able to list it here. 50 posts is a high number. I would think that...
  9. out.wandering.McL

    SOLD 2008 Sprinter Van $22,000

    oops, sorry to not get the location in the first post:) we're located in Manchester NH. About 50 mins North of Boston Logan airport or 10 mins from Manchester Airport. I'll update the original ad as well.
  10. out.wandering.McL

    SOLD 2008 Sprinter Van $22,000

    2008 Sprinter van. Located in Manchester NH. Price 26,000$ Price drop to 22,000 or best offer. I am working to get all the rust spots addressed and possibly have it repainted and will update the ad and the price if I get it done. I bought this from the original owner who spray-foam insulated it...
  11. out.wandering.McL

    Looking for Alaska rig

    A couple more:
  12. out.wandering.McL

    Looking for Alaska rig

    here's a couple ideas. I don't know any of these people, just some interesting rigs I'd pursue if money and time were no issue:)