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  1. The_Squid

    Issues with my iKamper

    Haven’t had any issues with the iKamper liner. We’ve had our iKamper for a few years now. That sucks. Sorry about your issues. Reach out to them again. They seem to be pretty good at responding to customer issues.
  2. The_Squid

    GPS Vehicle Tracker

    Attach an Apple AirTag under the seat where it can’t be found?
  3. The_Squid

    New CHEAP satellite messenger!

    That’s a fatal flaw, for sure. Makes it way less useful than Zoleo or Garmin. I tried to find that information on their website, as someone els said the same thing. I could not find it anywhere. In my opinion, not making it really obvious how the app works on their website seems like...
  4. The_Squid

    New CHEAP satellite messenger!

    Any idea why it wouldn't connect? Was it a flaw in the device, or a satellite coverage issue?
  5. The_Squid

    New CHEAP satellite messenger!

    I think coverage is way more limited. Other than that, it seems similar.
  6. The_Squid

    Planning a Trans-Labrador trip

    We’ve had Zoleo for a couple years and it works very well. I use it almost every weekend as where we fly fish has no cellular coverage. I’ve never needed to use the emergency button, but texting works very well, and the “I’m ok” broadcast text works great. Never had any issues. Battery...
  7. The_Squid

    Picked up some efficient storage

    20.7” = width 14.8” = depth 12.6” = height
  8. The_Squid

    Picked up some efficient storage

    From the retailer website: 52.5 x 37.5 x 32 cm / 20.7 x 14.8 x 12.6 inch (Open) I will confirm measurements to see which dimensions are length/width/height.
  9. The_Squid

    Gray Man Tactical?

    I don’t know how wrong you can go with a simple molle panel. I got an “Amazon special” and it seems well constructed. I find the truck seat molle panel to be very useful, although I don’t know the “Gray Man” brand but they’re certainly on the more expensive side. I do wish that the one I have...
  10. The_Squid

    Transition: E-BIKES!

    Great write up! Very thorough! Thanks!
  11. The_Squid

    Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

    2 things we’ve done to really improve the RTT: Had 2 thicker foam mattresses made. The iKamper comes with very thin mattresses. These are much more comfy, but need to be carried in the truck and then hoisted into the RTT when setting up. They’re light, but a bit bulky. The other thing was...
  12. The_Squid

    Picked up some efficient storage

    Stacking boxes fit perfectly in the trailer. It should be more efficient than totes that aren’t quite the correct size to stack and are too big to find things efficiently. I bought them from (Canadian overlanding and RTT sales. No affiliation to the company, but we do...
  13. The_Squid

    Is the roof tent trend over?

    Maybe the "fad" is dying down, but they will remain pretty popular, I believe. They're certainly not for everyone, but I don't quite understand the "hate" they generate; if they're not for you, that's fine... We still love ours.
  14. The_Squid

    Wind River Ranging

    Terrific writeup. Thanks for sharing!
  15. The_Squid

    Best tools for visualizing gps data?

    ArcGIS is expensive and not the most intuitive software. QGIS is free and will be more compatible with GPS data. You may need some experience with GIS applications to use it though. Or there will be a learning curve. You could also put the tracks into Google Earth.
  16. The_Squid

    Barbed Hooks...

    1 - It’s not my study…. I had nothing to do with it. But, generally, it’s better to look at the more recent analyses that build upon the work of the older studies, or show that the older studies are not valid any longer. Science doesn’t stop. 2 - No. The older sing study says the difference is...
  17. The_Squid

    Barbed Hooks...

    It’s not me that says so. Science doesn’t stop 30 years ago with the study that happens to agree with your opinion. A more recent meta-analysis of several studies shows different.
  18. The_Squid

    Barbed Hooks...

    Well, your assertion is simply incorrect. I guess when you’re working with a faulty starting point, the rest of it won’t be very informed either. Existence of a barb (average mortality for barbless hook was 8.2%, average mortality for barbed hooks was 14.6%)...
  19. The_Squid

    Barbed Hooks...

    Your assertions are not reasons for removing barbless hook restrictions, but a justification for increased restrictions to make catch and release more effective. You sound like you’re arguing that barbless is useless if everything else isn’t perfect. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the...
  20. The_Squid

    Carrying extra gasoline with Outback and teardrop

    If you’re staying on roads between towns, the best option is to stop for gas more often. Seems unnecessary to lug a jerry can around for cruising on the pavement. I don’t see the risk in a carrier on the back of the trailer, but it would be a pain having to move it all the time. If you...