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  1. Peter_n_Margaret

    Making Water Potable with Bleach

    We chlorinate all of our water, including washing water as that can be a source legionnaires disease which can be transmitted to the lungs during a shower. Finding sodium hypochlorite (the active ingredient in household chlorine bleach) that is not contaminated with other "stuff" is sometimes...
  2. Peter_n_Margaret

    Heavy Truck Recovery Thoughts?

    My Warn 16.5Ti can pull frontways, rearways or sideways. :) And it always points directly to the anchor point so the cable lays up evenly on the drum instead of bunching up on one side. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  3. Peter_n_Margaret

    Heavy Truck Recovery Thoughts?

    I found some in a construction recycle junk store. Bought a few pieces 1.5m x 1m and cut it up with a friction saw. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  4. Peter_n_Margaret

    Heavy Truck Recovery Thoughts?

    Fibre glass catwalk. Any width and length that you want. There is a little under 2T on this piece. Can be used for bridging which is beyond the capability of most other options. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  5. Peter_n_Margaret

    How to build your own DIY Carbon Fiber/Foam Panels for ya trailer

    Mechanical fasteners do cause point loads which can be avoided with adhesives. I have needed to replace S/S hinge fixings in our 20 year old build truck. Probably due to 200,000+ km of corrugations. I do not expect that with the carbon/kevlar hinge. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  6. Peter_n_Margaret

    How to build your own DIY Carbon Fiber/Foam Panels for ya trailer

    Noticed the S/S piano hinge....... You should know about this.....I am using the 18mm x 1.6mm on my new build for doors and hatches, secured to glass sandwich panel with Plexus MA310 adhesive. It has many advantages over S/S hinge (many of which will be...
  7. Peter_n_Margaret

    Using a lithium battery as a house battery in an overland vehicle

    I am about to install this in our expedition vehicle. It weighs a tad under 30kgs and will replace 400Ah of AGMs that weights over 120kgs. LiFeO4 is the safest of all the various lithium ion battery chemistries. Our...
  8. Peter_n_Margaret

    Camper box weight

    It is important to understand that the chassis is a very ridged welded tube ladder frame. 16 or 18 polyurethane blocks 25mm thick are glued directly to the chassis with Plexus 310 2 pack. Aluminium tube supports are glued to them. The 23mm fibreglass/PET foam floor is glued to the aluminium...
  9. Peter_n_Margaret

    Portable Propane water heater inside RV

    If you want to protect yourself with statistics, it is not 624 divided by 320 million, it is 624 divided by just the few who are ignorant enough to put themselves at risk. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  10. Peter_n_Margaret

    Portable Propane water heater inside RV "Each year in the US, over 100,000 people visit an emergency room for accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, with tens of thousands hospitalized." "In 2022, 1,244 people in the US died from carbon monoxide poisoning...
  11. Peter_n_Margaret

    Isuzu npr 4wd

    Market value is only useful if you want to sell or buy. I can not buy what I am building, and I intend to keep it for many years, so, 1) Market value is impossible to determine and 2) it is of relatively little interest to me (except for insurance purposes). When my project is completed, I will...
  12. Peter_n_Margaret

    Transfer Flow developing larger GASOLINE tank (factory-replacement) for RAM 2500/3500 CC Short Bed

    No doubt their after market steel tanks need approval then also. What is the difference? The ones I make for my own use are approved by an authorised engineer. These days, pretty much all small vehicles have plastic tanks. Large trucks often use aluminium to keep the weight down. This has its...
  13. Peter_n_Margaret

    Transfer Flow developing larger GASOLINE tank (factory-replacement) for RAM 2500/3500 CC Short Bed

    ps.....For those who mess with polypropylene of polyethylene plastic tanks, spin welding is a good DIY technique for adding threaded holes. 90 second spin welding demo. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  14. Peter_n_Margaret

    Transfer Flow developing larger GASOLINE tank (factory-replacement) for RAM 2500/3500 CC Short Bed

    Not here. I make the simple sheet metal moulds and get a local moulder to make the tanks. Threaded fittings can be added anywhere they are wanted later by spin welding. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  15. Peter_n_Margaret

    Transfer Flow developing larger GASOLINE tank (factory-replacement) for RAM 2500/3500 CC Short Bed

    In Oz, ARB make rotomoulded plastic fuel tanks for a few of popular models. They are tougher and lighter than steel and never rust. Superior in every way. ARB plastic fuel tanks I have made my own for my truck. 130L (Made for water, but suitable for fuel). 200L Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  16. Peter_n_Margaret

    Wildlife Photography

    Oz Saltwater crocs can grow pretty big. They have been recorded to 7m (23ft) long and weighing 1 ton (2,200lbs). This one came to within a few meters of where we were camped. A year earlier they shot a mob of feral donkeys near here. A week later, a croc walked inland from the ocean for a...
  17. Peter_n_Margaret

    Sikaflex 505UV, suuuuper hard to pump out, normal?

    Stick it in a bucket of hot water for an hour before use. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome
  18. Peter_n_Margaret

    Camper box weight

    There are weigh bridges scattered around the country, many of which you are obliged to enter if you are a "Truck" which is defined as every vehicle that is registered with a GVM of 4.5T or more. If you are overweight you can not drive away until you are back to a legal weight. They may also...
  19. Peter_n_Margaret

    expedition VW beetle

    Early bugs had a reputation for "falling over" in Oz, so we chose a '63 Mini 850 and drove it from Adelaide to Darwin (3,000km) and back for our honeymoon in 1967. It had a DIY roof top tent. The rear seat was removed to provide more space. We did see a "bug" on the way north. We then...
  20. Peter_n_Margaret

    Camper box weight

    Bugga. Sorry. That was a response to uncontrollable spam from various O/S sources (not Yanks in particular) if I recall. Thought you might be able to read. You will not be able to register. :( The OP will be able to access it though, so might get some value. Cheers, Peter OKA196 motorhome