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  1. changingground

    Should I build my 3rd gen or start with a new platform?

    My son’s 3rd gen just passed 270k miles, and he has no intention of packing it in in the near (or distant) future. His is a Colorado truck, so doesn’t have any rust, but your situation looks pretty manageable. In your case I’d recommend a lot of education, and since it’s a 3rd car in a two...
  2. changingground

    How tf do I replace the O2 sensor on a 100-series with DT headers?

    You might get a little stronger response on Several folks over there running DT headers on 100 series cruisers.
  3. changingground

    Does this exist? or one of their other products. Sounds exactly like what you described.
  4. changingground

    RTT/gear rack build

    Nice craftsmanship!
  5. changingground

    1983 FJ60 Land Cruiser rebuild and upgrade

    Your bumper reminds me of backyard fab from the 70s and 80s! Love it! And actually, the whole project is amazing. Beautiful work.
  6. changingground

    2005 lx 470 vs 93 lc - link in last post

    That’s an 80 series. Very cool vehicles, and the f&r lockers are a great addition, but if you’re not a “wrench it yourself” kind of guy you may find it’s a lot more work than you planned. I’d keep looking.
  7. changingground

    2005 lx 470 vs 93 lc - link in last post

    Also- as an expo vehicle, assuming all systems are working as designed, this should be an excellent starting point for a family rig. I bought a 2003 LX470 with 100k more miles last year, daily drive it, and wouldn’t hesitate to take it to the wilds of Colorado and other points west tomorrow...
  8. changingground

    2005 lx 470 vs 93 lc - link in last post

    There’s a very useful introduction to the 100 series on Ih8mud- I would start there, looking first at the Slee Offroad guide for new 100 series owners.
  9. changingground

    2000 Series 100 purchase

    I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of price variation due to market, so in your area what is a good price for a rust free rig is going to be less than a rust free rig in NY or MA. My LX470 (fancy land cruiser) came in around $10k in the Denver area with 232000 miles and lifetime dealer service...
  10. changingground

    Basic load bar setup for brief RTT use

    Check on ih8mud- there’s a thread about using 8020 extruded aluminum for cross bars to add to or replace the factory stuff. I bought 3 1”x2” bars for $108 from, including all of the mounting hardware. The Side rails are said to be rated for a dynamic loading situation. Many folks have...
  11. changingground

    100 Series Land Cruiser rear platform question

    Mine has d-rings in the four corners of the floor (see photos). I’ll be using these as anchors for my drawer system using turnbuckles, most likely. Many examples of this method in the drawer section.
  12. changingground

    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Less is more. I like it.
  13. changingground

    ExPo 100 Series Registry

    Year, model, color, etc: 2003 LX470 Name of owner/screen name: changingground How long have you owned your 100 series? Is this your first? First in the Lc/lx family, but owned a Sequoia previously, and son has a 3rd gen 4runner. Also had several Toyota trucks over the years, including 95...
  14. changingground

    Toyota Sequoia quest for information...

    They are prone to cracked exhaust manifolds as well. I loved my 2002, but the tick tick ticking of the manifold (and the prospect of replacement) was annoying.
  15. changingground

    WANTED: Rigid MTB Surly, Niner, etc.

    I’d look at the buy/sell forum on Pinkbike. I’ve had good luck there, and this is the mtb selling time of year.
  16. changingground

    Blender, My LX450/FZJ80 + FJ45esk + GM + Land Rover crazy concoction

    Keep on grinding away. I appreciate your dedication to sharing even some of the story with us.
  17. changingground

    Blender, My LX450/FZJ80 + FJ45esk + GM + Land Rover crazy concoction

    I'm trying to encourage my kids to think outside of their respective boxes. Yours is a great example. Keep on plugging.
  18. changingground

    Fred the Van. The More We Explore's Adventure Van Build Thread

    Having watched your build videos, what are you considering going forward with?
  19. changingground

    Pro-Rig V2.0 - Home Built Compact Composite Pop-up

    I use a landscape materials place, as much of what they sell is sold by weight.