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  1. Zillon

    Is There A Pop Up With Barn Doors?

    Snap also has rear door options:
  2. Zillon

    Lone Peak Overland

    Gotta say, I'm really impressed with the detail shots. Wiring looks very tidy and well done. Really happy to see them sweating the details.
  3. Zillon

    SOLD! FS: 2021 Tacoma Double Cab Long Bed - TRD Off Road w/ AluCab Canopy and lots more...

    Truck is clean, seller is very communicative. Wish the timing was better for me; GLWS!
  4. Zillon

    **SOLD** 2020 Ford Ranger SCAB / Super Pacific X1 / APG Mid-Runner

    It's rare something pops up that is exactly how I'd equip it... and this is one of those things. I wish I had the capital freed up. Very thoughtful build. GLWS.
  5. Zillon

    Adhesive Identification and Removal Advice - Help!

    Looks like the factory butyl tape strips. Heat it up and use a plastic scraper to remove as much as you can, then hit it with WD40
  6. Zillon

    Financing a Canadian trailer

    I've financed several vehicles through Lightstream in the past, and it's a very easy process, and they're excellent to deal with.
  7. Zillon

    Lone Peak Overland

    I'd go white on the outside as well to minimize heat absorption.
  8. Zillon

    Lone Peak Overland

    Sent an email to Kyle on 5/10 with order # in subject line and got an immediate reply, refund notification email from LP received on 5/11, refund was issued to my card on 5/13.
  9. Zillon

    Lone Peak Overland

    I actually backed out as well - but for different reasons. Job uncertainty made me feel jumpy about having any funds tied up, so I decided to liquidate my order. Thankfully didn't run into any issues, and I was promptly replied to and refunded on 5/13. Ended up picking up an aluminum cap...
  10. Zillon

    WTB: High Rise Shell/Camper for 2nd Gen Tacoma

    There's a high rise ARE DCU on the east coast for a pretty decent price on FB marketplace, located in PA. I've also been searching for a cap for my Tacoma since I cancelled my LP order, had to scale back the cost of my setup drastically. Not much out there.
  11. Zillon

    Lone Peak Overland

    I expected delays with LP being a new company and all, and I'm glad LP has been totally forthcoming with details on development, manufacturing, etc. But agreed, I'm a bit bummed as well; I have some cycling races in August and September that I was really hoping to have this for, and now...
  12. Zillon

    Lone Peak Overland

    Hidden in the comments: Looking to start shipping by August.
  13. Zillon

    Lone Peak Overland

    Yeah, I'm getting itchy for mine as well - have half a mind to pick up a topper I found on FB marketplace to hold me over until the LP arrives later this year. I'm gonna need somewhere to sleep for some of these cycling events I have planned, and I'd rather it not be a tent.
  14. Zillon

    Comparison of these campers

    Update, per the LP Youtube channel - first deliveries should begin end of June/beginning of July.
  15. Zillon

    Comparison of these campers

    They've changed management/ownership and are no longer a weekend side project - they've also raised their prices considerably. Great looking product, though. They were on my short list until the price went from $8k to $12k+.
  16. Zillon

    Comparison of these campers

    First deliveries should begin in June for those who were first on the list. I'm #55.
  17. Zillon

    Comparison of these campers

    Interesting, I was just musing about the FWC Project M and how it would be nice if someone made something similar that wasn't so... square. Looks like a nice product.
  18. Zillon

    *SOLD* 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad w/ GFC - SLC, UT

    Great value here, well done @MarcusG on being quick to the punch.
  19. Zillon

    Comparison of these campers

    Exactly. I spent a lot of time researching my choices as well - a spreadsheet exists with features, pricing, measurements, etc.