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  1. 94-RUNNER

    Overland Route - Georgia Adventure Trail

    I'm glad sir ! I too would enjoy that immensely. In the meantime I will live vicariously through your exploration reports and pictures. Safe travels !
  2. 94-RUNNER

    Little Help?

    Nice truck ! 👍
  3. 94-RUNNER

    Overland Route - Georgia Adventure Trail

    Been on here many years and you sir have among the best trip reports and photos out there. We are not so fortunate to take any trips for quite a few years now and for some time into the future due to health reasons. Your reports all but splash the mud in the window of the truck and smell and...
  4. 94-RUNNER

    Overland Route - Georgia Adventure Trail

    I'm sure a very proud father and soon to be even more.. Very happy for you all !
  5. 94-RUNNER

    Overland Route - Georgia Traverse

    I have to say that I could not agree more with all that have complemented you and appreciated your travel reports and pictures. I like others am very envious of you. I feel like we are all along travelling with you. Smelling the crisp clean air, getting our feet wet crossing the streams...
  6. 94-RUNNER

    Overland Route - Cross Pennsylvania Adventure Trail

    Wonderful report. Thanks for taking us along with your pics and videos. Very peaceful and beautiful area. 👍
  7. 94-RUNNER

    Cummins Canoe (A Stepvan Story)

    What can a group of devoted followers do for you to help your journey !
  8. 94-RUNNER

    Engel Troubleshooting

    I Also have heard that Engel will offer superior support for their products. Call them to see if they can give you some pointers. I bought one new MT 35 about 18 years ago and it has either been running in the truck or in the basement full time as an adult beverage containment device...
  9. 94-RUNNER

    Mid-Atlantic Back Country Discovery Route-Pennsylvania

    Very nice report on your trip. Looks like a nice area. Will put this on our list of places to go . ?
  10. 94-RUNNER

    MA to AZ and beyond

    Ditto. Y'all continue to have fun and keep us posted on your adventures. ?
  11. 94-RUNNER

    Hey Moderators... Rules??

    I myself would be in favor of voluntary donations to be free of the adds . That is the adds that have come about n the recent months. I am on my phone so I can control most of the adds but I feel like I shouldn't have to work to enjoy a good read from a good book . The members supplying the...
  12. 94-RUNNER

    Does this belong here? Rechargeable flashlight recommendations

    Streamlite for my every nite use. Bright rechargeable and dependable for years of work. Have given mine a hard life for more than 15 years and love it. Many different sizes and all are very reliable. My go to by choice and am very confident about that.
  13. 94-RUNNER

    Noncarb Wedco 20L gas cans -Sold!

    I'll get it priced at a couple of places and let you know. Thanks
  14. 94-RUNNER

    Noncarb Wedco 20L gas cans -Sold!

    Would love to take them off of your hands but you are on the wrong coast. Hard to find on the east coast without some rust. GLWS
  15. 94-RUNNER

    Converted Xpedition Stove

    Keep us posted on your progress ?
  16. 94-RUNNER

    Custom license plates / Vanity plates

    After a hard day's ride ! Problem solved after arriving home.
  17. 94-RUNNER

    Could I give you a call to discuss the 4 Runner

    Could I give you a call to discuss the 4 Runner