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  1. plumber mike

    GM 6.2L V8 Issues?

    07-09 were the only ones that didn’t have the AFM. I’ve got an old 08 creeping up to 200k. Broken manifold bolts were a chore, but no major issues. I fully expect the transmission to go before the engine
  2. plumber mike

    2021 Titan XD Pro-4X w/ Ovrlnd Camper

    That color goes great with dirt, and the tires look right proper. Thanks for posting!
  3. plumber mike

    2021 Titan XD Pro-4X w/ Ovrlnd Camper

    I’m not surprised. The factory setup has rubbed the mudflaps on mine since new. I did an oil change today and ditched the mudflaps. I noticed an incredible amount of corrosion on the battery terminals. Especially for a 2023 with only 13,000 miles. I’ve been reading about issues with the smart...
  4. plumber mike

    2021 Titan XD Pro-4X w/ Ovrlnd Camper

    After your reply on FB, I drove past a radar speed sign and my speedo runs 2-3 mph fast on the factory 265/60R20. You may actually be closer to accurate than I am now. Where did you source the steelies?
  5. plumber mike

    255/85r17 Anyone running them?

    Is this for your new XD? It was my understanding that a 17” wheel on an XD can only be steel due to caliper clearance issues. Definitely following along as it looks like a great size.
  6. plumber mike

    2021 Titan XD Pro-4X w/ Ovrlnd Camper

    Congrats McGee. Love the color. Wishing you many happy miles. Gettin’ right to it. Where did you source the suspension goodies?
  7. plumber mike

    2021 Titan XD Pro-4X w/ Ovrlnd Camper

    The XD sits a bit taller and I haven’t had an issue yet with ground clearance here in the Black Hills. The trailer is always the limiting factor when the two are combined. I will definitely drag it farther than I should to get that secluded spot. Turning is fine for me but Mrs. Plumber...
  8. plumber mike

    2021 Titan XD Pro-4X w/ Ovrlnd Camper

    It might be time for the XD. Definitely a more thirsty option but it takes and handles the extra weight so nicely. I thought about tow mirrors for our small titan but honestly can’t see using it with the 8.5x16. Yes it will do it, but like you say, it’s a touch too much. I’d rather get a 6x12...
  9. plumber mike

    What total mileage would you be comfortable with on a QX56/QX80/Y62 Armada?

    I’d been shopping them and have found dealerships near me had several from a rental fleet that had not had their oil changed(or documented an oil change) in almost 60,000 miles. Pulled the dipstick on one and sure enough…black as night. The prices were excellent but the condition of such a new...
  10. plumber mike

    2021 Titan XD Pro-4X w/ Ovrlnd Camper

    Glad the move is going smoothly. Did you remove the front sway bar too, or just the rear?
  11. plumber mike

    Truck & Travel Trailer Advice

    There are some great prices on Nissan Titans right now. 5 year 100k bumper to bumper warranty as compared to a 3/36 for domestic. I personally thought I’d like to have one. My wife loved it so I actually bought two of them. A regular one for her and an XD for myself (which might put you over...
  12. plumber mike

    2021 Titan XD Pro-4X w/ Ovrlnd Camper

    Did I see you on Facebook asking about an XD? I definitely saw your truck. I love mine. I love my wife’s shorty Titan too, but it’s definitely not as capable as a truck. I haven’t done a thing to them, except remove the Titan boxes and under seat storage boxes. Both were kinda goofy and...
  13. plumber mike

    Yamaha TW200? Looking for feedback

    TW200 is solid with a good aftermarket. It has its limitations though. I am happy with my WR250R for a good all around…er that is easy to toss on a hitch rack. Honda 250 seemed heavier to me. Austrian bikes rev my heart, but my practical side never allowed for them. I’d be happy on an...
  14. plumber mike

    2021 Titan XD Pro-4X w/ Ovrlnd Camper

    Just wanted to say hello and thanks to the other one or two Titan fans in this forum. Love that red king cab Mr. Mcgee. Wishing you many happy miles. Just picked up my 2nd and 3rd Titans A platinum reserve shorty for the Mrs. and an XD for myself. Probably won’t do much to them as camping needs...
  15. plumber mike

    Help with a generator/circuit issue.

    An electrician I know would always say “The problem lies where the power dies” A multimeter and an investment of time may be worth getting to know the system even better than you already do. Checking for continuity is so easy even a plumber can do it. Sketch up some simple diagrams made in the...
  16. plumber mike

    Suburban/Tahoe(and GMC) pic/build thread

    I’m about ready to spend a little with you. I was wondering two things…. On a gmt900 Denali, does the bumper include the section between the grill and headlights, or does the factory bumper cover piece get cut? It’s hard to tell on the white Denali on your website because everything is black...
  17. plumber mike

    CB500X vs V-Strom 650XT vs KLR650 vs Tenere 700

    Versys 300 would also be a good one to put on that list. It’s definitely easier to manage than something as portly as a KLR. Excellent all around er that’ll do highway just fine. If the KLR made the list, you might also add a DR650 to the list. I’d look at WR250’s, Honda CRF300’s, DRZ400 for...
  18. plumber mike

    Truck cap heating options

    A teeny wood stove would be nice. Reliable too.
  19. plumber mike

    2023 GMC Canyon AT4X

    I’m probably a small minority, but I’ve been very happy with the 2.7/8 speed combo in my 2022 Silverado. I’m probably one of the few who wanted to try that engine rather than those who chose to settle for it. I had a ten speed in a super duty that would totally skip some gears and then get...
  20. plumber mike

    Prices on EP Classified seem to be HIGH!

    I find posting here pretty easy. It sounds like you are looking for a good buy. Good bye ;-)