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  1. plh

    Should I replace my DIY awning? Looking for something better...

    looks good. I'd keep it
  2. plh

    Looking for upgrade from Gen 3 Montero to something with third row AC

    Yeah, I had the first generation Wild Peaks on my old '05 for 30K miles, they had to go due to NVH. BFG KO2 A/T were much quieter I ran 2 sets each to 50K. It is amazing because the take-off Wild Peaks found a home on one of my Gen 2's for a couple years are were silent on that truck. There...
  3. plh

    Looking for upgrade from Gen 3 Montero to something with third row AC

    Curious on what tires you are running on your '04, and how many miles on them. I can't offer up any suggestions on 3rd row air, probably not common on any vehicle any more due to cost downs of optional equipment.
  4. plh

    Unimog demand

    There are vast stretches in the USA between me and fun that the posted interstate speed limits are 75 or 80 mph.
  5. plh

    Nothing here on the R2 reveal?

    Percentages are a crazy thing. Norway persons only bought 175K new cars in 2022. That is like 4 days worth of sales in the USA. EVs are great for a daily commuter as long as you have a personal place to charge it. I do like the R3 - it would be a great commuter.
  6. plh

    Going from prototype to full production must not be easy for new Integrated Overland Campers

    I am still in a holding pattern to pick one up real cheap, maybe in '25. I can't see where a 10 YO scrappily built out Sprinter is still $100K.
  7. plh

    Building a fully enclosed Overland trailer to be towed by a Jeep

    Is the interior 8020 mostly 10 series (1") or one of the metric versions? and how do you like that L'OR Barista?
  8. plh

    Unimog demand

    Speed limits on US highways preclude Mogs. If you stick to the way back roads - maybe. Can't imagine one of these at 80mph +
  9. plh

    Locker or manual lockout hubs

    DCDL - driver controlled differential lock
  10. plh

    15 used Earth Roamers

    The people dropping 1.8M probably already have that nice cabin and a couple other homes.
  11. plh

    Off Road Worthy 6x10 Cargo Trailer Camper Build

    What adhesive was this? I'm planning to do my FRP bonding in a couple weeks and want to avoid your issue.
  12. plh

    Nice $10 Red/White LED camp lighting

    I found a similar one on Amazon for $10 and ordered it. I'll report back. The Amazon return spot for me is 12 miles closer to my house than HF. lol
  13. plh

    Nice $10 Red/White LED camp lighting

    $25 locally for me for the HF tape
  14. plh

    Looking for sources

    I'll get out to my shop in the next couple weeks and take an inventory.
  15. plh

    Looking for sources

    Pretty sure I have a set of 9" rear & 8" front R&P 4.90's squirreled away that I will probably never use. 5.29 are going to be challenging to get here unless someone else imported them and never used or used and removed, as they didn't come stock in anything sold USDM. You can search the part...
  16. plh

    Remote Medicine and Risk Management Specialist.

    Thanks for that. Hundreds of stamps and visa's in mine over the years and I never thought of this.
  17. plh

    Remote Medicine and Risk Management Specialist.

    just curious, what would make a passport dirty?
  18. plh

    Heating a small trailer

    Very easy to wrap the pump in open cell foam which reduces the "noise" considerably. Mine is placed outside and ducted into my trailer. Can't really hear the pump or fan anymore.
  19. plh

    2003 Montero - Hydraulic Brake Booster longevity & general advice

    Need to bleed the ABS to get the air out of it. Requires a MUT tool IIRC. The FSM has the description on how to do it.