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  1. xvz12

    Pics of your Bikes and Rides

    This is my 20 year old daily driver....nothing fancy, but still gets me around.
  2. xvz12

    Cooling for Lithium battery and chargers in tongue box?

    I would think natural venting would be OK....I've got a 100ah LiFePO that I built from cheap chinese cells & bms, I haven't actually put it our trailer yet, but spent all winter testing on the thing, & it hasn't even gotten warm....YMMV. We're getting ready to camp in the next couple of weeks...
  3. xvz12

    Perfect Camp Stove Griddle?

    We bought a 17" Blackstone griddle 3 years ago...since then the Coleman camp stove still goes for the ride, but most of the cooking is done on the Blackstone.
  4. xvz12

    Pictures of Food Cooked in the Great Outdoors

    Gotta have a little dessert.....these were baked in a Coleman camp oven on a Coleman stove Unfortunately, it's the only pic I could find of camp food.
  5. xvz12

    Damage coming off the truck

    I worked for a Ford dealership for almost 20 years, & one of my responsibilities was helping to check in new vehicles as they came off the truck, you'd be amazed an the amount of vehicles that came in with minor to moderate damage.
  6. xvz12

    2004 JGC Question - New Jasper engine or rebuilt

    I lost the engine in our '00 Ranger with 225,000 miles on it, trans had less than 5k on it. we were looking at 4k for a reman long block....I took the 4k & made a down payment on another vehicle, gave the 4WD Ranger to my 16 y.o. grandson, who aspires to be a mechanic/
  7. xvz12

    1987 toyota pickup

    Wow, I'd love to run across one like that..... I had an '88 for a number of years, & I've kicked myself ever since for getting rid of it.
  8. xvz12

    LIFEPO4 battery for cheap?

    I can't speak for that battery, but I have dealt with the company selling it, been good to me so far.
  9. xvz12

    Swing up solar panel mounting

    For my setup, I built mounts almost identical to the one rayra has pictured, just cost a few bucks. Aluminum came from Home Depot, the knobs from eBay. Not wanting to bore holes in the roof, I mounted them with 3M VHB tape. I have been using them for 3 years now, been working fine for me so far.
  10. xvz12

    Cutoff switch in solar, where to put it?

    I guess I'm confused, I don't see the point of having a switch between the solar panels & the controller....the only thing between my panels & the controller is an inline fuse. I do have a master switch between the battery bank & the load. My panels are connected to the controller, which is...
  11. xvz12

    Random dog shots

    My pal Bear, checking out a Moonlighter heater I'd purchased from FleaPay.
  12. xvz12

    Thermoelectric Coolers?

    I have a Coleman Powerchill, & the current draw is almost 4 amps, continuous. They don't cycle like a fridge, they run all the time. That makes for a pretty significant drain on your battery system. I get by pretty well with ours by throwing a few bottles of ice in it, & also have 200W of...
  13. xvz12

    "Double down or fold" - Part 2 ...

    Any way you look at it, it's gonna coat you new, you got a car payment every month. Keep the Burb, no car payment, but plan on having a not-so-pleasant surprise every once in a while. Either way, ya gotta pay. My TV( & daily driver) has 215k on it now, on its second...
  14. xvz12

    Olympian Camco Wave 6 and the propane alarm help!

    Just to raise a point of interest, have you considered one of these? I know they're diesel fired, rather than propane, but they put the combustion completely outside of your trailer, just running a duct in for heat. Just a thought
  15. xvz12

    Pie iron

    We keep a couple of pie irons on board for when the grandkids come with us, keeps 'em occupied for a We bring along a couple of tubes of crescent roll dough, & a can of pie filling, makes fantastic little pies. Of course, they also do great grilled cheese sands.
  16. xvz12

    Tilting rooftop solar panels

    I mounted 2 100w panels on our trailer using mounts I manufactured that are very much like the ones luthj pictured. The only time I've tilted them was when I was installing I have not had to use my generator or even put a charger on the battery bank since I've installed them, been 1...
  17. xvz12

    Random dog shots

    Our Bear checking out a kerosene heater.
  18. xvz12

    When shopping for used, how much does a rebuilt engine and trans add to the value?

    I would have to agree, zero added worth. 40k after the fact, it could easily be on it's last legs, depending on who did the rebuild, & what was actually done. I had a 're-manufactured' trans from a reputable company put in my truck, it now has almost exactly 40k on it, & it's currently sitting...
  19. xvz12

    When did this 'shop won't touch a tire over 4yrs old' stuff start?

    The tires on my Ranger aren't that big, 265/75R16s....but the principal is the same....back in the day, the only time I ever had issues with oversized tires was if the wheel offset was way to the outside, then we'd have to put them on the balancer face down, but they still balanced out. YMMV.
  20. xvz12

    When did this 'shop won't touch a tire over 4yrs old' stuff start?

    I managed a service station/detail shop for 20 years, got spoiled with having the tire equipment handy, changed / repaired all my own tires. When I left that job, the first thing I bought were a manually operated tire changer & a bubble balancer, still fix & change my own tires, bought the...