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  1. HenryJ

    Odyssey vs. Diehard Platinum

    Out of the grave with this thread. Here we go with another long term update! another five years have passed. Today I replaced my Diehard Platinum batteries in the Avalanche. They did still work, but are end of life for sure. Not dependable any longer and unable to perform to expectations. Date...
  2. HenryJ

    Removable front winch mounting

    Ranchhand Bumper with receiver. Works great. Up high enough for decent approach angle.
  3. HenryJ

    Help with lid .

    Our local NAPA parts store had a good selection. Takes a little digging through the selection to find the ends needed and lift weight.
  4. HenryJ

    Favorite Multi-tool

    EDC Leatherman Charge TTi . Anniversary present from my wife. Love them both.
  5. HenryJ

    Adding a Fuel tank for longer range

    I used a Dakota Digital gauge: BLTOffroad Avalanche
  6. HenryJ

    What can you tell me about the Chevy Avalanche?

    I like mine : BLTOffroad Avalanche I would stick with the 1500 and the 5.3
  7. HenryJ

    SOLD - 2000 Kawasaki KLR650 - PNW

    Sold and on the way to Baker City, OR
  8. HenryJ

    SOLD - 2000 Kawasaki KLR650 - PNW

    2000 KLR650 Dual-sport "Swiss Army Knife of bikes!" Excellent commuter, trail bike , expedition bike. 6 gallon fuel tank for wide range travel. 3x Tank bags, hard-case trunk, rear rack, power ports, GPS, Corbin low seat, wide foot pegs, road pegs, skid plate, engine guards, headlamp rock guard...
  9. HenryJ

    SOLD - BLTOffroad trailer

    That is AWESOME! Keep in touch and lets see those new adventures :)
  10. HenryJ

    SOLD - BLTOffroad trailer

    Offer accepted in Sacramento, CA. Hopefully going to a good home!
  11. HenryJ

    SOLD - BLTOffroad trailer

    Craigslist ad - Custom-Built Secure Off-Road Camp/ Utility Trailer - $3500 This is our former trailer. I built it : BLTOffroad trailer It has traveled Moab and across the USA. Medical conditions are forcing the sale. My brother in-law and sister are selling it. It is in Eugene , Oregon. Feel...
  12. HenryJ

    avalache build anyone

    I have been watching :) Nice rig.
  13. HenryJ

    avalache build anyone

    Added a new water tank. This replaces the hand pump sprayer that we had been using. Hopefully a good upgrade in volume and convenience.
  14. HenryJ

    Smittybilt EPS Inverter Generator - 2786

    Thank you. The adapter bolts on and retains the factory spark arrestor. This adapter I purchased on ebay. It is stainless steel as is the elbow that I used. I think most of the time I use this generator sending the exhaust up will be a better choice for the locations that I plan to use it. If I...
  15. HenryJ

    Smittybilt EPS Inverter Generator - 2786

    Yes, they do have a Champion 50 amp parallel kit :)
  16. HenryJ

    Smittybilt EPS Inverter Generator - 2786

    I am right there with ya on the electric heat for the interior. Mine uses a Zerostart cabin heater. Plugged into shore power it keeps the windows defrosted and ready to go at a moments notice. Important for a first responder. I can use it for camping too if I need to. A little 900w generator...
  17. HenryJ

    Why so few GM Builds?

    I think it is the bad news that makes to press release. When things work it doesn't get the same exposure. No news is good news for the GM IFS crowd. The terrain I frequent works well with IFS. I have done minor things to prevent issues that might occur. I am not hardcore and err to the side of...
  18. HenryJ

    avalache build anyone

    Put on new shoes :) 285/75-17 Nitto Ridge Grappler. Smooth and quiet . I had very good luck and tire wear from the Nitto Terra Grappler. 4 years later and still half tread or more. ( 11/32 ) The Ridge Grappler is a nice hybrid Mud/AT tire. I have high hopes for their performance.
  19. HenryJ

    Receiver hitch winch capacity

    The CST (Civil Support Team) vehicles here in Oregon use a twin receiver winch mount. Can't find my personal pictures yet....