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  1. Hegear

    2023 RAM 3500 HELP

    I come from a rock crawling background. When building my overland rig I wanted a front locker. Ended up building off a power wagon. In reality I don’t really use the front locker. I have used it but mostly because I have it. 99% of time I only use the rear. I’d just build without. See how it goes.
  2. Hegear

    Starlink, Google Maps, Southern Africa

    I think this is talking more about the new service that will be offered through t-mobile not the standard starlink or roaming starlink. Current starlink works just like regular internet. Except you can take it with you. If you can make calls at home through WiFi you will be able to do it on the...
  3. Hegear

    Anyone have a fridge inside the truck cab with them?

    I run a freezer behind the passenger seat. Keep it at 15 24/7. It does produce heat but not enough to worry about. When parked in a sunny spot I vent the windows just to help the fridge run more efficiently.
  4. Hegear

    HUMMER EV EarthCruiser

    Just a heads up. This hummer sold on bring a trailer last week. 150k wow, thinking they won’t be making another! Really really cool though.
  5. Hegear

    Nitto Ridge Grappler vs Toyo RT Trail

    I’ve ran 5 sets of ridge grapplers. Great tire other than lifespan. Last set was on my sons 1500 ram 22k before needing replacement. Truck rarely saw off-road use. I currently have another set of f rated on a 2500, currently at 23k thinking I’ll get to 26k before replacing. Good traction all...
  6. Hegear

    6.4 v8 dodge owners?

    I have a 6.4 2021 with full camper. Loaded up I weigh around 10300. Plenty of power and get around 11mpg cruising around 75-80. Only 25 thousand miles but 0 problems.
  7. Hegear

    Bike to Base Camp Communications

    I use ZOLEO, takes a little while to get comfortable with it but it has never let me down. Light very small, and so long as it can see the sky it works. Once you have paid the sign up fees and had activated for 3 months you can switch off/on service anytime. It costs $4 a month to keep your...
  8. Hegear

    Truma Combi 4 Propane Combination Water Boiler and Furnace Heater Now Available

    I have a Aquahot 125g. Had the burner unit go out in the first six months and Aquahot replaced under warranty. It’s been almost 2 years since then and I’ve had no other issues. Works well and seems very efficient. I have an enduro supertourer (pop up) and keeps me plenty warm in negative...
  9. Hegear


    So what’s the price with the camper? Do you have any interior shots?
  10. Hegear

    Another Enduro SuperTourer!

    Fantastic setup. I have been so happy with mine! Congratulations!
  11. Hegear

    Reasonable Internet service if you are not using Starlink?

    Yes you can do internet calling. The starlink works so long as it can see the sky. It has worked everywhere for me. I get to some really remote spots in the west, I’ve also taken it to Alaska, Mexico and the Bahamas. No issues. It just works and is easy to setup. Last summer at lake Powell I...
  12. Hegear

    Is regearing a Dana 35 really a waste of $$$?

    I ran 35s on a 35 for 3-4yrs. I didn’t re gear and it had a stick. Had a lockrite in it. I was always stressed me out, but didn’t have any problems. Probably went to Moab 5-6 times with it. Ran the rim, posisen spider golden spike, hells revenge etc. Put about 30000 miles on it and then decided...
  13. Hegear

    Our Round-the-World adventure

    Excellent posts, I’ve been getting my wife to read. Hopefully it will inspire our own trip one day. Im curious if you have estimated an average budget for your travels. I know some places are more expensive than others but wondering about how much you spend on a monthly budget.
  14. Hegear

    Truck "Home Systems" Recharging from a PTO?

    Why not just get a 120v pto generator? You can buy them at the tractor supply stores. That would give you plenty of power to run your house incase of an emergency.
  15. Hegear

    Any JK ABS failures?

    The battery could be the problem, I have experienced the same thing. Also have you tried taking the fuse out of the abs system? The abs light will be on but everything else should function correctly.
  16. Hegear

    Best deals on 100ah LiFeP04 batteries?

    I have 2 heated Sok 200amp. I’ve ran them for over a year now. Just wanted to say that so far the heater has never switched on. Mine are located inside my camper. I’ve found even with just a little use the battery’s create their own heat through the discharge process. I’ve never seen them drop...
  17. Hegear

    New Defender 90 vs. 2 Door Wrangler Rubicon

    I think this is a great deal and a great looking jeep. I already have a Jeep but can’t stop looking at this one. just buy this and I think you will be happy...
  18. Hegear

    I’m pretty sure the lights you replied to are a scam. Guy got me earlier in the year. He’ll want...

    I’m pretty sure the lights you replied to are a scam. Guy got me earlier in the year. He’ll want you to use zell or Venmo. Anyway just a heads up.
  19. Hegear

    Electric Chain Saw

    im a Milwaukee guy. The 18v chainsaw works amazingly well, so good that my gas sthils hardly ever get used. I thought I’d post today as I went Jeep camping last weekend so instead of grabbing the Milwaukee 18 I threw in there small 12v handheld unit. I was absolutely blown away. It’s now found a...
  20. Hegear

    Reasonable Internet service if you are not using Starlink?

    I now your asking about alternatives but I really think starlink is the way to go. Once you have app installed it’s very easy to switch service on and off. I messed around for years with boosters and they do work, but still service is unreliable. If you know where your going has a week signal...