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    searching for a thread from long ago

    guy made a thread about swapping a gensey motor into a jeep or something like? i seacrhed but cant seem to find it. anyone remember the thread im talking about?
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    anyone make bunk beds in the back of their suburban?

    I alwaus thought a good way to sleep a couple of kids or one adult in the burb was hammock running between the drivers and passengers door.
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    MURS Mobile Transceivers

    Can someone translate?
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    The Lunchbox Build... 4x4 chevy shorty van

    Any new action pics. Love this van.
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    Lift questions for a 2002 gmc sierra.

    I appreciate it.
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    Lift questions for a 2002 gmc sierra.

    I'm running 33's all terrains on it now stock. I was leaning towards 35 ish. Being a long bed I'm just looking for some extra ground clearance without having to change gearing.
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    Lift questions for a 2002 gmc sierra.

    I have a 1500 long bed. Thinking a bout a lift. I'm not looking for anything crazy. Was pondering a 2inch body lift in conjunction with 2 inch suspension lift. Thoughts?
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    SOLD: Mobiflex Tent

    thats cool. the snow load in the winter at drum was the only time i saw one of these tents fail. but with 4 inches of ice another 3 or 4 of sleet and then 2 ft of snow i know of not many shelters that would hold up. heck that morning it closed on us the 5tons and hummers were froze to the...
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    SOLD: Mobiflex Tent

    man we used these when i was in the army. id love to pull the trigger but have other things on tap. wishing you a safe trip to sugar town.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    now that is a land yacht.
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    Fred the Van. The More We Explore's Adventure Van Build Thread

    steve you guys just keep doing what youre doing and enjoy yourselves. the negative nancies are just sour grapes because they have nothing better to do. i as well as many others enjoy your content, stay safe.
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    Point Five Ambo Build

    thats looks like the trick. had me thinking it would also make a awesome mobile ham shack.
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    that hurts my feelings, wow.
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    The Wanderers build

    hope you are well. jonesing for the story line to pick back up.
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    UJOR Build Thread

    chris keep doing what you're doing the people that are whining let them whine. i have admired you openness and builds since i found this forum.
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    Simple free standing hammock idea

    thats a great idea. very cool.
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    99 suburban advice

    i have a 99 burb with over 350k on it. i did replace the engine at about 320k. my only head aches with it have been the fuel pump sending unit whatever they're calling this year. if you gas gauge starts acting up , do yourself a favor and replace it. they seem to not last as long as it should...
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    The Wanderers build

    i think it would very cool and different. not sure how much it would effect the range(mpg) but it couldn't be that bad i imagine. i was doing alot of keyboard mechanic(lol) research on the subject myself a couple years ago day dreaming about a similar idea but with a van. but i lack the...