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  1. MagicMtnDan

    Jeep Gladiator Build Thread - 18 months around Australia with The Road Chose Me

    I like your build. Don't envy you being in Australia with Covid but I won't say what I think of the government there. Here's my build:
  2. MagicMtnDan

    One of the Coolest Small, Off-road Capable Camping Trailers I've Seen

    You're comparing the Trail Marker trailers to a trailer with a RTT?
  3. MagicMtnDan

    Another DIY Portable Power Pack

    Thanks for sharing these details on your build. My plan is to do something similar and I appreciate all your input here
  4. MagicMtnDan

    Installing Renogy DC-DC charger in 2018 F-150

    Great thread(s), thanks! Forever is how long I've been thinking about building a battery box. I had a dual battery system I installed on my old Chevy pickup and since then I've been hooked. Now I have a Jeep Gladiator and a Ford Raptor so I don't want to invest in 2 dual battery systems...
  5. MagicMtnDan

    Out with the old in with the new - camper build

    Got a link to your last build? I'd like to see what you did there
  6. MagicMtnDan

    What accessories requiring a 12v socket do you actually use?

    I've been thinking about doing the same (and hoping Milwaukee comes out with lights and inflators and other products that are more useful to off roaders than the "work" products they focus on). Which Milwaukee charger(s) are you using???
  7. MagicMtnDan

    DONE! Building a battery box

    Great build! I just stumbled across this thread and I'm interested in learning more about what you've put together. Any chance you have a layout drawing showing all the components and connections? I figure if I'm gonna do this I'll get all the components first and test fit them and then...
  8. MagicMtnDan

    MaxTrax, are they worth it?

    I haven't read all the posts in this multi-page thread...anyone buy/use X-Bull Recovery Tracks? Similar size and design to the others but much lower cost. ~$60.00 on Ebay: $75.90...
  9. MagicMtnDan

    Anything changing with James Baroud?

    They're not the "only dealer" as I posted above
  10. MagicMtnDan

    Anything changing with James Baroud?

    There is a dealer in Aspen, Colorado who has a couple JB hard shell RTT's in stock: Scott Vold White River Overland (970) 925-2287 406 Aspen Business Center, Suite A Aspen, Colorado 81611
  11. MagicMtnDan

    Anything changing with James Baroud?

    Found James Baroud products from a company in Washington state... Adventure Ready
  12. MagicMtnDan

    200 series rear screen delete cover

    I just found this thread - any updates?
  13. MagicMtnDan

    Halley - '17 WK2 Trailhawk Overland Build

    I think I've read all the pages of your well written and photographed terrific Trailhawk build but I have 2 questions: 1. What can you tell us about the Waypoint RTT by COE Vehicle Solutions? I can't find any info about that product even on the Tacoma Wold site 2. Spare tire carrier - I saw pics...
  14. MagicMtnDan

    Bugeye's GX460 Build

    Like the build! Looking forward to seeing what sliders and other mods you do. Hope others will post their builds too
  15. MagicMtnDan

    Anybody have one of these? WEE ROLL "OVERLAND" SERIES

    Just found Weeroll and I'm impressed A couple of trailers from their website:
  16. MagicMtnDan

    One of the Coolest Small, Off-road Capable Camping Trailers I've Seen

    Got an email response from them you might be interested in... Thanks so much for reaching out to us. The recent press we got on has been overwhelming. Here are some quick answers to many of the questions we have received recently. Im sorry we dont have dealers. That is because...
  17. MagicMtnDan

    One of the Coolest Small, Off-road Capable Camping Trailers I've Seen

    I like how it's built - aluminum frame and composite walls. Makes me wonder if there are companies making such trailers out here in the West as they'd be a good starting point though it'd probably be best to replace the solid axle setup. Add electrical/generator, propane plumbing, windows...
  18. MagicMtnDan

    One of the Coolest Small, Off-road Capable Camping Trailers I've Seen

    Note: I searched and didn't see this posted here Compact camper trailer uses a drop-down bed to haul gear Amenities include a queen size bed, dual awnings, and wood accents By Megan Barber@megcbarber Mar 1, 2019 Curbed has covered a lot of fun and innovative campers and RVs, and yet each...
  19. MagicMtnDan

    12.1 Liter 2-stroke diesel powered 8x8 - Oshkosh MK48 LVS Dragon Wagon

    This 1986 Oshkosh Mk48 LVS Dragon Wagon is an eight-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle that was mechanically reconditioned at USMC Logistics Base Albany in 2010. The rebuild was undertaken when the truck was essentially new and had just 34 miles, and it included installing a new turbocharged...
  20. MagicMtnDan

    Full size trucks on jeep trails advice

    Don't get discouraged. It can be done and it is done - all the time. But as noted, trees are not a full-size truck's friend. Here in the Southwest (desert) we have more places to run full size trucks. But even in the desert we have trees and many have nasty pointy bits that like to desert...