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    Voyager is Completed (Build Thread)

    Due to unexpected health issues my wife has had this winter we are going to be selling our trailer. I will be doing a for sale ad here on the portal soon. We unfortunately never got to use it much. I did replace the tires with Cooper Discover ATP’s. Will be listing it for what I paid for it...

    FS Phoenix Area: Goose Gear Rear Flat Floor for RAM CC 2500

    This will also fit Gen 5 trucks. If you get someone who is only interested in the 60% part I will definitely take the 40% part. Just let me know if that works for you by PM. Thanks Doug

    Perfect off-highway tire = LTX? What?

    The off-road driving that I will be doing will be easy forest service road type stuff. But you can still damage lesser/inferior tires on those kind of roads. My days of doing more technical off-roading are pretty much behind me now.

    Perfect off-highway tire = LTX? What?

    Up until a month before purchasing the Michelin’s I was set on getting the Falkens ever since I bought the truck almost 2 years ago. When they came out with the R/T version I knew that was the tire that was going on the Big Horn. But…. Last Saturday I finally retired at almost 68 years of age...

    Perfect off-highway tire = LTX? What?

    Just put on a set of LTX MS/2’s on the 2500 Ram Bighorn a few weeks ago, so not enough time yet to give a real accurate assessment of their performance. But so far I’m super impressed with them on their Highway performance which included 400 miles of towing a 27’ travel trailer on some really...

    Our Kingdom Camping Trailer Build

    Discount Solar did a good job for us a few years ago. Following your build Treefarmer.

    Kingdom Camping Trailers

    Will be following your build on this trailer when you post up info on it. Being the first build of this model is both exciting and a bit scary at the same time. Hope you get exactly what you want and need in a quality trailer.

    Voyager is Completed (Build Thread)

    I’m the new owner of “Voyager”. The wife and I will try to wear it out in our travels around this country. No big plans to change it much mostly in the pantry area and rear hatch. Since we are the second owners we are going to call her Voyager 2 (our Winnebago is called the Voyage and since it’s...

    1997 Pierce Saber 4X4 / AWD Fire Truck pumper

    And if there anything like our new shuttle buses we got a couple years ago it will take 3 to 6 months to sort out all the issues and bugs before it can be put in service.
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    Great Expośe on the Quality of Camper Trailers and RV’s Today

    My wife and I have been full timing in a RV for the last 10 years but we don’t travel anywhere (yet) just use it as a home here at the Grand Canyon. We’re on our third trailer now first one was used, last 2 were new all have had issues. After 10 years I have learned a lot about...
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    (SOLD) Dethloff Ram 2500 8 speed transmission skid plate

    Thanks Jadmt. It also protects exhaust and shift mechanism too.
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    (SOLD) Dethloff Ram 2500 8 speed transmission skid plate

    Was mounted on my 2020 Power Wagon that I sold a few months ago. In excellent condition a few small scratches but no damage from impacts with rocks, etc. I never got a chance to off-road the PW before it was sold. Must have item if you will be going off-road since the plastic transmission oil...
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    RV Refrigerators - what is the current trend?

    Went with the 12v fridge on our 2021 Winnebago TT, they offered either a 12cf absorption or 10cf compressor fridge both made by Dometic. All the Arizona RV dealers only had the absorption fridges. I ended up going to Colorado Springs to get my trailer with the 12v fridge I wanted, it was also...
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    Trail Pig 2018 PW Build

    Spare tire mount?
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    Service intervals.

    I would do what you are doing in the conditions you have. I tend to service my truck on the early side of recommendations and don’t have repair issues like engine failure. Pay up front or pay later generally up front much cheaper.
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    Thoughts on RLD design truck cap/canopy?

    I spent most of last year on researching what I wanted to put in the bed of my 2020 PW. The 2 finalists were the RLD cap and a Highway Products Pickup Pack. 2 totally different options both had pluses and minuses and either one would get the job done for me. I did go ahead and ordered the HPI...
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    RSI Smartcap questions?

    I was considering a RSI Cap but the “some assembly required” was the deal breaker for me. In the research for the RSI Cap I found another company RLD that makes stainless steel caps as well but come fully assembled and are made in South Africa also. They are about the same cost and after looking...
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    The 5th (ish) Gen Ram HD love/hate thread

    I’am seeing around 11-12 in town like you but 17-18 on hiway empty. Towing 7500lb tall travel trailer 8 is about it. But I bought it knowing this, actually I was surprised at the hiway mpg the 2005 PW I had never got over 13 mpg. The spare rim should be able to handle a 35” tire, width of the...
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    The 5th (ish) Gen Ram HD love/hate thread

    You could retrain your left leg/foot to do the braking, a technique I learned over 10 years ago while off-roading in my FJ Cruiser. Kinda like learning to code after losing a job you loved to do for years. Like Jadmt the dial shifter became a non-issue almost immediately, I still get to shift...