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  1. DoKarider16

    Gladiator - Good/Bad?

    So Jeep is knocking them down 15% and then dealers are throwing 22% back on top? I wonder if that has to do with the rarity of the diesels? It seems like from the online tales I have heard there should be plenty of dealers marking these down. Our local dealer sounds more like yours.
  2. DoKarider16

    Shovel / Axe Mount

    I have an Aluminess one I got many years ago. It works quite well and it locks the tools in place.
  3. DoKarider16

    Gladiator - Good/Bad?

    I have a friend with gen 3 EcoDiesel in his Wrangler. I was asking him about amount of allowances for biodiesel with it and he thought it could run any blend. I gave him a ride to pickup his Jeep after a service and they had replaced the fuel pump and it now said not run more than b5 biodiesel...
  4. DoKarider16

    Best privacy tent/shower/toilet enclosure? Best compact "toilet" for WAG bags?

    We use a little folding toilet from Black Pine. It is one of our favorite pieces.
  5. DoKarider16

    Gladiator - Good/Bad?

    I went and drove 3 the other day. A diesel Rubicon, a nicely outfitted Mojave and a brand new Sport. The Mojave probably does what I want the best. Still intrigued by buying a sport and building it out instead of getting a prebuilt package but that is time money and research to try and make it...
  6. DoKarider16

    Folding saw

    I do a ton of trail work and have used many folding saws. My favorite is my folding curved blade plastic handle Corona. The curve of the blade helps hold it on a limb if you are far reaching and the plastic handle has a bulb on the end that makes it really easy for even one hand use. When...
  7. DoKarider16

    This could be a game changer for some, Ford Transit Trail coming to the US

    We have a 2016 4wd/awd Sprinter that we have spent a lot of time exploring southern Utah, and surrounding areas. The 4wd is nice as we ski a lot too, but we have utilized the full range of ground clearance over and over again. As for power it is interesting what people NEED now for power. It...
  8. DoKarider16

    Cook Partner Stove Owners Chime In!

    We have a two burner we have had for many years. We travel in our van quite a bit and live out of it for up to a month at a time. It is our only source of cooking. The stove is easy to operate, easy to clean and we stopped by the steel place that builds them and it is your classic steel yard...
  9. DoKarider16

    INEOS Grenadier

    It is commendable that they tried this massive experiment, it is not surprising they have not met price and timeframe goals. It would be awesome if one of the big players would take the IG design brief and make a go of it. Something like the most reliable, repairable Isuzu Trooper (early gen of...
  10. DoKarider16

    INEOS Grenadier

    This will be interesting to watch this unfold. Like the rig but the whole service chain seems insurmountable unless they have some trick up their sleeve. We have a Mercedes Sprinter and have to drive 100 miles to the nearest Sprinter qualified dealer. When you get there the van service is down...
  11. DoKarider16

    1949 International/Jeep Wrangler Rock Crawling & Overland Build

    Great thread and AWESOME project! I have a 51 Chevy 5 window flat bed with all 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee running gear, 2wd though. Want to do something like this with it. So many cool ideas.
  12. DoKarider16

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    My 67 NADA 109 and our 2006 Tonga Green L322.
  13. DoKarider16

    1993 Range Rover Classic with 300 Tdi

    It cruises very comfortably at 70-80 even in hilly terrain. When you get to full on mountain passes it will slow to 50-55 on the steeper sections. Freeway cruising is one of the real forte's of this vehicle. The driving position is very comfortable and the engine just rumbles along on the...
  14. DoKarider16

    1993 Range Rover Classic with 300 Tdi

    It is an amazing rig. I have had a ton of different vehicles and this one has been one of our all time favorites. We moved on to a 4x4 Sprinter for our camping rig and a 06 Range Rover for our "trail" rig. I can't keep this also, but wish I could. It also has a 130 amp Disco 2 Alternator and a...
  15. DoKarider16

    1993 Range Rover Classic with 300 Tdi

    Pictures of some of the only rust on rig. The passenger side footwell has been repaired at some point. I will see if I can get a picture of it, but it has not really been an issue. I poked around in these corners with a sharp pick and they seem really solid. Just surface rust. I will shoot...
  16. DoKarider16

    1993 Range Rover Classic with 300 Tdi

    Doug Shipman at Ship's Mechanical in Portland OR did the conversion. I was told it was actually his personal truck for a while and then he sold it to a friend of mine. There is very little rust. It looks like the passenger side floor had been repaired at one point, but it has held up well. The...
  17. DoKarider16

    1993 Range Rover Classic with 300 Tdi

    A few more pictures and the truck is located in South Central WA state in White Salmon.