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  1. Antichrist

    Can I post a spreadsheet here?

    Would be easier to read, probably without scrolling right to left if you fix your cell justification, narrowed the cell width to only what's needed and wrapped the text in cell 10.
  2. Antichrist

    Cutting boards for camp kitchens

    Sorry, I missed this question. No, I don't, but I've never looked for it either. When I treat my cutting boards I set them and the oil in the sun for a while, pour some oil on the board and spread it around with a paper towel, leaving an excess on the wood. I let it sit like that for a while, as...
  3. Antichrist

    Winch circuit breaker question

    Yeah, it would trip the breaker, unless it's a slow blow breaker. FWIW, I installed my first electric winch in 1975 and have never used a circuit breaker. I've always felt a disconnect switch is good enough.
  4. Antichrist

    Winch Cable repair - Michigan review

    I agree with that for sure, though I do keep some in my recovery bag for field repairs.
  5. Antichrist

    Green Pin shackles and ratings

    ^ This Here's an interesting video showing that even the rated breaking load is exceeded.
  6. Antichrist

    Wiring, 7 blade connector

    I prefer heavy duty trailer connectors after breaking two of the plastic ones. Cole Hersee 12063-01 and Cole Hersee 12092 12063-01 has an open back, but they have a rubber boot to seal it, I just can't find the PN at the moment.
  7. Antichrist

    300 Tdi Coolant Leak

    Have you done a pressure test of the cooling system and looked for leaks?
  8. Antichrist

    Odyssey vs. Diehard Platinum

    That wasn't my experience. I had one that appeared to be dying, all they wanted to do was test it. It failed, they replaced it, no questions asked. That's an odd argument. That could be said of any number of companies people buy stuff from all the time.
  9. Antichrist

    Windows 10 has arrived

    I came across some more info that may be of interest to some. A couple of articles about all the data Win10 sends to MS. This one has some comments along the lines of: "The source article isn't very trustworthy. The website is quite...
  10. Antichrist

    Winch Cable repair

    ^^ this! If the rest of the rope is in good shape there's no reason to replace the whole rope. Any bulk wire rope dealer or crane company will have the tools to swage the end. Be sure to use a heavy duty thimble. Alternatively you could use something like this, which is reusable if you have...
  11. Antichrist

    Tubing fab.

    A wraparound, a bit of math and sharp piece of soapstone will enable you to fabricate very clean and professional pipe/tube connections.
  12. Antichrist

    New camping location app for iPhone / iPad

    I see it's available for Android now. Maybe the OP could edit the thread title, or have a mod edit it, to reflect that. I don't like buying apps before trying them so I downloaded the free UC Military Campgrounds app. Initial impression is good. I'll mess around with it some but will likely get...
  13. Antichrist

    Military Prototype--Too cool for words...

    I'd hate to be in it and have to quickly bail out.
  14. Antichrist

    Sat phone advice

    For anyone you consider going with I'd find out what their procedure is if they change SIM cards. Find out if they will disable your existing SIM without confirmation that you've installed your new SIM.
  15. Antichrist

    Registerning A Diesel Conversion

    No idea if it's the same in CO as GA, but here you can convert an OBD1 vehicle to diesel, get a letter from a dealer (in this case a Land Rover dealer) saying it's actually a diesel, and you're good to go. Obviously 96+ are OBDII so not eligible, but you might check with the Denver DMV and just...
  16. Antichrist

    Winch switch/circuit breaker option (Warn 9.5xp, 482A max load at 9500lbs)

    The listing says "* Do not use as a switch where high inrush currents are expected." According to the OJ winch review from years back winches commonly have a startup amp draw exceeding the max load draw. Also, the chart you linked to is 48v. You need to see what it is at 12-14v. The above is...
  17. Antichrist

    Iridium GO HotSpot ?

    When I think of Sat phones and the like, I can't help but think about this:
  18. Antichrist

    cobb grill owners...

    I don't have a cobb grill, but I don't use coal, seems like that would give the food a really nasty flavor, but to each their own I guess. I use natural lump charcoal (cowboy brand, $15 for 20lb at ACE) and pine cones to start them.
  19. Antichrist

    Old Coleman stoves on e-Bay vs. New

    Hit some flea markets. Odds are really good you'll find one there as I see them all the time at flea markets.
  20. Antichrist

    axle opinions

    Maybe this will give you an idea. I'm gathering parts to build an axle for a trailer to be towed by my Rovers. They all have full floating axles with a stub axle that bolts to a flange welded to the axle tube. I'm just going to source some appropriate tube, weld flanges to each end and bolt on...