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  1. Bergger

    Harker Outdoors EDC pop-up wedge camper

    Pretty easy actually. I have a full size truck and simply but a strap on the tailgate so I can pull it closed from inside.
  2. Bergger

    2021 Titan XD Pro-4X w/ Ovrlnd Camper

    You sold it??? Hopefully you plan on replacing it with something else cool. Not many Titans out there and we have to keep representing!
  3. Bergger

    2021 Nimbl Camper for Sale

    Great looking rig! Actually my dream vehicle. If it was in the budget I'd snap it up. You did not happen to drive through Leadville today did you? My home town and I either saw yours or one very similar to it.
  4. Bergger

    OVRLND CAMPERS ONLY : Post your OVRLND Camper build here or a link to your build thread to inspire others!

    Yea I have the Comfort. I'm not sure the Eco is sold in America at this time? They are identical heaters, dimensions and weight wise. As mentioned above the Eco only has two heat levels vs the three of the Comfort. The international sites show the Eco at 1300W and 2800W which equate to...
  5. Bergger

    OVRLND CAMPERS ONLY : Post your OVRLND Camper build here or a link to your build thread to inspire others!

    I don't have an OVLND topper but do have an ATO Summit. Living at 10200 feet surrounded by 13-14k foot mountains a good heater was a must. We opted for a propane Truma Vario heater and do not regret it at all. It is pricey but is a permanent mount and does a fantastic job. I just saw that...
  6. Bergger

    at overland atlas

    As far as high winds go, the AT does extremely well. We've had our Summit for 1 1/2 years and driving it is very quiet. Much more than I expected. Not even really noticeable at all. It has also barely affected the mpg of our Nissan Titan. And when deployed in high winds it is also very...
  7. Bergger

    Comparison of these campers

    You're going to love your ATO Atlas. We've had an ATO Summit for almost 1 1/2 years and its been great. I also love the insulated walls and the angle of them. Fact is, the majority of the time you're just daily driving and using the truck as a truck. I really like it being streamline and we...
  8. Bergger

    Lone Peak Overland

    First of all I love the truck. After having nothing but Toyotas for 25 years I've been super happy with the Nissan. My favorite truck so far. It handles the AT Summit great. The stock suspension was totally fine for the topper and associated camp gear. Outside of the topper the truck is...
  9. Bergger

    Lone Peak Overland

    Should be no issue doing that at all. Their website says you can connect it to a portable power station. I use a jackery 1000 to power my AT Summit. I have a pigtailed wired to the fuse block and then plug it into the jackerys 12v output. It powers everything from the truma heater to the fan...
  10. Bergger

    Hard-Sided Pop-Up Camper by Hiatus Campers

    I've always installed fans with a good caulk on the inside, like sikaflex, and also with a sealant on the outside. Two layers of protection that way. The dicor lap sealant will not only cover the external screw heads but the whole seam where the fan meets the roof. Eternabond will do the...
  11. Bergger

    Hard-Sided Pop-Up Camper by Hiatus Campers

    I've had several fans installed on various trailers and toppers, to include my current AT Summit. I've had both MaxxAir and Fantastic fans. None leaked. I'm not sure what type of an you have but I doubt the issue is "a result of a structural characteristic of the fan" but rather an improper...
  12. Bergger

    72 IH + ‘85 Alaskan = Questionable Judgment...

    Inflatable kayaks are fantastic for travel. I dumped my rigid kayak several years ago for an inflatable and am so happy I did. It sits right in the back seat until I need to use it and has allowed me to fly fish some great water!
  13. Bergger

    Best Kitchen spot-- side or tailgate? Bad weather and normal.

    We use the side kitchen setup and have a minimal cooking set up inside our ATO Summit topper. I'm not a fan of slide outs. They are very expensive, unless you build your own, are generally quite heavy, and take up too much interior space in my opinion. We have a batwing 270 awning on the...
  14. Bergger

    Camper and Truck Photos

    I agree with tacollie. We have an AT Summit with the insulation pack and also have the propane Truma Vario heater. Been out in temps down to 10 degrees and we were very comfortable. I think the soft sides do very well in the cold. I'm sure some are better than others so if looking at a soft...
  15. Bergger

    OVRLND CAMPERS ONLY : Post your OVRLND Camper build here or a link to your build thread to inspire others!

    Check with your insurance company. Each is most likely differenct. I called ours, State Farm, after I had our AT Summit installed. I asked about getting it insured. After sending them the invoice and photographs I was told it was covered under our general policy and was not going to cost...
  16. Bergger

    To window or not window

    I know I've already posted about being a fan of windows. But in the past two weeks I've taken two fishing trips here in Colorado and love having that big window on the passenger side. Sat in my comfortable chair every morning and watched the sun rise with a cup of coffee. Sat in the same...
  17. Bergger

    Pop-up versus hard-side height and fuel economy survey

    As others have many variables. That being said, I have a 2018 Nissan Titan with an AT Summit. I can say that I have not seen a noticeable difference in my mpg. Maybe it has decreased by 1 mpg in my normal driving. I used to get 17-18 mpg combined and now get 16-17 mpg combined...
  18. Bergger

    To window or not window

    I'm a fan of windows. I have 3 on my AT Summit. The rear hatch window, front slider window and a Tern Overland window on the passenger side. They offer good visibility, great views when hanging out inside, fresh air to flow through and are great when I have my dog in the back. The Tern...
  19. Bergger

    What Would You Buy?

    I second Supertramp. Best pop up camper I've been in. If I pivot from my AT Summit and go full slide in camper I'd upgrade my truck and get a Supertramp.
  20. Bergger

    Camper and Truck Photos

    We have an Iceco 40VL fridge in the backseat of the truck. I like keeping my dry food and fridge in the cab. Leaves a lot more room living space in the bed. All I I keep in the bed to cook is a backpack stove, pot, coffee cup, coffee and a few snacks. I need to have my coffee first thing in the...