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  1. Jb1rd

    WTB: Flip-pac, Wildernest,

    I have one for sale in Denver, you can text me direct 970-331-1136
  2. Jb1rd

    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    Im at 21.5 as well in the front and 22.5 in the rear, waiting for the winch and bumper then will adjust accordingly to get it to sit level ***I'm also curious to see what other 1st gen Tundras have for their ride height. I have no idea what stock is, so I'd like to compare to others to see if...
  3. Jb1rd

    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    The ride from Fox was HARSH, the ADS is "stiff" but SMOOTH if that makes sense, the 700# springs will settle and ride better with the weight of the bumper and winch because that is the way the C/O was valved and set up, if you do not run a bumper/winch set up they have have a lighter spring that...
  4. Jb1rd

    2004 Tundra Adventure Cab - Build/Adventure Thread

    Great looking/performing rig!! Is that a BFF HC Rear Bumper, if so is he only making them on request? Trying to find a rear bumper for my dbl cab that has swing-outs!!
  5. Jb1rd

    2008 Sprinter 170 HR Ready for work or play

    Here is the link to my Sprinter, thanks for looking and please contact me via the info on the ad as I do not check this account very often.
  6. Jb1rd

    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Mine After much back and forth this is it, she has to go, I am willing to work with a buyer and have options available as far as selling "as-is" or facilitating a build out (at the new owners expense) Our time line for leaving the country just got moved up and I have to much on my plate to dos...
  7. Jb1rd

    Gallivanter: An Ominous Beginning and an Optimistic Future

    Way to go!!!! Nice work hanging in there and gettttttttttttin shizzzz done!!! (no easy task in winter)
  8. Jb1rd

    UJOR Build Thread

    Agreed, however I did ask my wife to drive past me when I first got them because I thought the same thing, she said that they were fine.
  9. Jb1rd

    Regretting my layout and sofa bed ,uuuugh

    I UNDERSTAND THIS 100% No good deeds/intentions go unpunished:snorkel:
  10. Jb1rd

    Upgrading from Aluminess tire carrier to full bumper????

    Ok all, I know I am all over the place with selling, not selling my van but it is my life at the moment, literally changing all the time. I am just going to keep plugging away on the projects that will get me where I want to go or at the very least be an asset for selling later. Sooooooooo, my...
  11. Jb1rd

    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    Saw this beauty in Edwards CO, belong to anyone here???? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Jb1rd

    UJOR Build Thread

    Not sure what the 4wd conversion adds but if I remember correctly my 94 weighed in right around 9600
  13. Jb1rd

    I have so many questions, don't know where to start!

    My best advise is to scour these pages until your eyes bug out then scour again, it is truly amazing how much info is one here, and the Sportsmobile Forum too. 4wd is great for CO especially in the winter but a 2wd properly setup is a very capable rig as well and a hell of a lot less expensive...
  14. Jb1rd

    VanKrishna: Operation K.I.S.S.

    Absolutely, your build is quite impressive, love the curved cabinet and the frosted doors! I am lucky in that I already have power windows, doors and mirrors, hopefully I can just cut the pigtails or buy them and swap them out. It is always something :)
  15. Jb1rd

    New-ish guy sayin' hello.

    Are those Hella Supertones in the grill? If so are they as good as the Rally guys claim and if they are not what are they? The horns in these vans are so damn anemic!!! Spending a good deal of time in SA you get used to a good loud horn :)
  16. Jb1rd

    VanKrishna: Operation K.I.S.S.

    Thanks for the heads up, I will look to find pigtails that I can cut and splice when I pull the new panels.