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    New Isuzu FTR with Cummins

    Shouldn't have any problems with safety and emissions when it's literally the same truck with a front drive axle. There are almost no MDT 4wd trucks. Not counting 550/5500 trucks. Does International even offer it anymore on their bigger trucks? I can't believe several manufacturers are...
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    New Isuzu FTR with Cummins

    We all talk about how great it would be to have this truck or that truck here, but we are a super small percentage of the population. Isuzu NPR/NPS is the perfect example. EarthCruiser is selling the converted ones and I'm sure Isuzu USA is aware and they aren't scrambling to start importing...
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    Steyr 12 M 18, expedition truck, Apple Valley, CA $99K

    This is easily the best, most affordable built truck for sale anywhere! Can't believe this isn't gone yet. GLWS.
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    Cheaper 270 Degree Awnings: ARQ4WD & Overland Pros

    Take a look at Overland Pros. They have two different size 270s and 180s. A couple of features set them apart. First, they use velcro to attach walls. This isn't obvious at first but the benefit is you can move a wall to "chase" the sun throughout the day. Plus velcro doesn't get jammed up...
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    Overland Pros Anza 2000 RTT Feedback

    We use the Anza 2000 on our trailers. We chose them because we have been RTT users since the early 2000's when there were only a couple of choices. The tent is awesome. The size is great, but the wall/screens are what really sets it apart. Being able to get as much airflow as you need is...
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    Composite panels.

    If you want honeycombs, Plascore is a great supplier. We use their panels, as well as GFC, SuperPacific, and Adventure Trailer. Probably some others as well.
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    WTB: Tacoma GFC/Super Pacific/Vagabond/etc. California

    I should have it assembled next week and will get pictures up on IG and PM you some as well. Realistically the first production units should go out 6-10 weeks after. The first couple hopefully quicker!
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    WTB: Tacoma GFC/Super Pacific/Vagabond/etc. California

    We will certainly do better on both! Think sub $7 and 8-12 weeks at most. At least initially!
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    WTB: Tacoma GFC/Super Pacific/Vagabond/etc. California

    If you can wait a couple of weeks we will have an exception...
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    New Isuzu FTR with Cummins

    Wouldn't that be nice! But then what would we argue, uh discuss here?
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    New Isuzu FTR with Cummins

    Ok, so who will be the first one to convert one to 4x4? Could realistically do it with 550/5500 running gear. Would only allow 19500 GVWR but that still gives an 11000 lb payload. Of course, you could spend more and do larger MDT axles and realize the full 26500. Much bigger cab than the N...
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    guzzler H20 Drinking water system

    If you want to save a few bucks you can build your own from the same parts. They just package it up nice and neatly.
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    Pros and Cons - Tire Plug Installers

    Have the eyelet style and have used it countless times on E rated MT and ATs.
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    Trailfort Campers

    No sir. Were near each other. They do a great camper as well.
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    Trailfort Campers

    FORT Campers. We have a camper trailer and are finishing up our wedge camper. Our wedge will be all-aluminum, bent, and riveted construction. You can see a couple of shots on IG. As soon as it's back from powdercoat we will have it on our website. Our goal is a sub $8000 unit with no up...
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    Trailfort Campers

    The picture in the post above is our prototype. There are a couple more pictures on our IG as well, @fort.campers.
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    Trailfort Campers

    They are local to us and make a great camper. Unique in they use the double lift tent. Got to see it up close at our Rigs& Brew event we hosted. That said we like our new wedge camper better, :)
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    Is anyone else waiting on a trailer from Four Leaf Clover Fab?

    Not all start ups are asking for big upfront money or using your money to build their first units. But I am amazed that there are still some trying. It's very easy to tell the customer how long it will take. And update with changes. We have had a ton of supply issues getting our first...
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    There are a lot of australian trailers and tents/awnings "manufacturers" that are not upfront with their country of origin. Doesn't make them bad but just don't appreciate not having transparency. We use imported awnings and offer import tents, and are building a wedge camper with an imported...
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    Torsion bar axles v. Timbren (or other)

    It really depends on the axle. Schutt makes their trailers with a Dexter torsion and they have built thousands for the military. Timbrens are great and kind of the standard for trailers these days. We use a 3500 HD. But there could be retrofit issues, just have to see what you have...