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    2010 Toyota Tundra TRD 4x4 & Phoenix Pop-Up Camper = SPF

    Sold pending funds The 3" suspension lift is designed to carry camper and a full load of 1,200 lbs of gear and fuel on rough FSR's. Radflow remote reservoir mid travel coilovers, with 800 lb spring, custom built rear springs to carry camper with Timbren bump stops and custom valve Bilistien...
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    SOLD! Admin please remove - New @ Factory Ready To Pick UP Go Fast Camper 4 SB Tacoma -

    Good point. Just did that this afternoon and haden't had time yet to up date. Thanks for the reminder.
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    SOLD! Admin please remove - New @ Factory Ready To Pick UP Go Fast Camper 4 SB Tacoma -

    SOLD - I have a new GFC Camper for a Short Box Toyota Tacoma (Fits Gen1 to 3 with 60.5" box) available for pick up at GFC. Camper is black with Grey frame & has the "Prime Cut Accessory Package"i.e rack, awning mounts track lock anchors etc etc. This has the latest hurricane hinge type door...
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    Time to rebuild my shocks:

    Another set of Icon's?
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    1st time truck owner (soon to be) and just discovered Overlanding, need help.

    The 4 to 6 bed occupancy camper makes a 3rd gen Tacoma a very bad choice due to its dismal weight carrying capacity and 3.5 L V6 power curve. A Tacoma is not a heavy tow vehicle or a hauler...its a nimble, reliable mid-sized truck that is good at lots of things but very poor at carrying heavy...
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    New shoes for my Taco...Need recommendations

    I highly recommend the Falken Wild Peak tires. We switched two years ago on all our company trucks. Mostly 1 ton trucks on 60 % gravel roads carrying over 1,500 lbs all the time. The flats were 40 % less then the Goodyear Duratrack tires we ran previously. Same main line access roads...
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    F150 vs Tundra....I’ll make a decision tomorrow

    At work we have them all. See them all on the hoist. See the Tundra the least. The mechanics raves about the larger wheel bearings, lighter front end (= less front end wear & tear), bigger brakes, longer and larger springs, ease of obtaining parts, no electrical issues and all around less...
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    Super-simple 12v power source for fridge?

    Your idea will work. For your exact scenario I priced out the battery, screwing around etc and opted to spend $ 200 more on a Goal Zero Yeti Lithium power pack for our 4Runner. Reasons were it can be plugged into an inverter when driving to charge and has an input and out put meter so you...
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    Very cool pop up with lots of neat features on land Rover

    Wow!....that is probably the coolest camper I have ever seen. Brilliant!
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    2013 Chancho The Tundra

    You are welcome. I have a CBI off road built twin swing, tire carrier with tables, 4 fuel can carrier, axe , shovel and high-lift mount.....i.e. lots of weight Tire carriers are fantastic kit but add a lot of weight and Aluminess bumper and a 35" spare is still a significant weight so far off...
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    2013 Chancho The Tundra

    A 35" tire will fit if you take a hammer to the spare tire guide tabs.
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    Vagabond Outdoors Drifter

    I think all the wedge campers on the market have wait times and deposits required. Highest wait time is GFC = 12 to 24 months and lowest is Adventure Trailers = 3 months. GFC is $ 500 deposit and Adventure Trailers is 50 % deposit. There price point in the market reflects the wait times...
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    It pulled very well. I no longer have it as we out grew it. But it was a great trailer.....for forest service road type camping.