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  1. blackduck

    Out of the box thinking : fuel economy improvements ; fg649

    just curious what your weight is, what economy your getting and what you would like to be getting. My 07FG gets between 17 and 20L/100K at 90Kph fully loaded with 30' van in tow. thats pretty reasonable i wouldve thought. mind you as soon as i creep past 90 then things change
  2. blackduck

    Fuso FG "necessary" upgrades?

    my 5 stud 16" ally rims are rated to max 1800kg. (im downgraded GVM) pretty sure 17" and 19" steel rims in 5 stud would blitz that but then again im not paying $1000 per tyre
  3. blackduck

    NPR Build out

    Those 16" alloy rims from Aus are probably Alans. Theyre good for 1800kg which i think is about 3900 lb ish. I run 315s (35") 127q on mine. Upside tyre choice is plentiful and you dont have to donate a kidneytobuy a set
  4. blackduck

    More Fuso FG help needed

    the one i just made for my mechanic. adjustable does front and rear lock nuts supposedly
  5. blackduck

    fuso 4x4 rebuild

    must be something in the water, after some time ive finally come out of my self imposed social media black hole. that is to say im back on the portal. stalkbook and the rest are still not to my liking. so when do we expect to see the full suite of pictures and mods.
  6. blackduck

    Shaking at high speed

    if your still running the stock rims ill bet its a dodgy rim had the same issue on mine, rotated through to find which one then used it as the spare then replaced them for signles
  7. blackduck

    Upgraded exhaust

    Ben you can go 2 1/2" and if you have to put a muffler o at all go for a small free flow theres a throaty increase in noise and i think it runs a bit better that OEM muffler is a brick wall
  8. blackduck

    Newbie FG question- FG running gear in a FE frame

    Alan made his chassis straight and put spacer blocks under the rear end to compensate for the trailing arm set up he put on the front end spacer blocks are okay by design so long as you dont load them up with torque they have a habit of inverting the leaf if theyre loaded up to much
  9. blackduck


    im thinking gun metal grey once i re model and move the body structure forward white is the new beige - yuk
  10. blackduck


    Owen its got nothing to do with long range driving its the pleasure of seeing smoke billowing from the back of the head of the clown that just pulled in front of you and jumped on his brakes the green diffusers actually dull down the intensity of the light to a nice glow that goes for miles
  11. blackduck


    Ben. LED seems to be the way to go nowadays me i like a nice big set of 240 liteforce. sure it throws out some light, but they also look great and lets face it aesthetics if half of the equation ive also got a small set of LED work lights i use as day running lights (amazing how many idiot car...
  12. blackduck

    Blackduck Facelift

    So has anyone had any dealings with SSA ant their improved spring pack be interested to hear your thoughts
  13. blackduck

    Radiator splash guard

    youll just about do anything to show off the underside of that truck Owen but talk about cold it got down to 14 degrees here last week
  14. blackduck

    Blackduck Facelift

    switches there a narva product its a push pull switch with led illumination i run led work lights on each mirror to light up the side of the truck and one on the back to light up the boat for those early morning and late evening sorties because i originally planned on 65mm gauges all round but...
  15. blackduck

    Blackduck Facelift

    all finished and working the fuel gauge was a problem to find with the right resistance spread but VDO managed to find one next project remodel the centre console
  16. blackduck

    FGs for sale

    What's the purpose of the 'thing' which runs across the truck at the bottom of the windshield? I saw a couple of those on trucks in Australia and couldn't figure out what it was supposed to do. Stop something from coming thru the windshield? Kerry when one of these things goes past you on a...
  17. blackduck

    Blackduck Facelift

    the final hurdle with 2 temp sensors on the thermostat housing and the AC pulley right in the wrong spot some inventiveness was required to mount the gauge sender a short trip to the truck wreckers and some constructive manual bending and presto a threaded mounting point with doubler plate
  18. blackduck

    Blackduck Facelift

    When she finds out about them she probably will but if im traveling fast enough when she does i wont hear it. And i wont be telling her how much it cost
  19. blackduck

    Blackduck Facelift

    as requested mounting bracket its velcro,d to the dash using that heavy duty black sticky stuff gotta make sure you clean the gunk of the dash
  20. blackduck

    Blackduck Facelift

    Making progress just have to sort the wiring out under the dash not a bad spaghetti run under the pod and John, the botox worked:victory: got a little work done myself at the same time