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    2017 XPCamper (NIMBL) V1e #43 For Sale. $172,000.

    Great videos. Thanks. Im curious...the camper can only be entered when the top is fully raised...correct? Also, around the inside perimeter ceiling of the camper appears to be clear storage, I presume?. The vehicle is a manageable size. Nice modifications. Pssst! I saw a grey haired...
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    2017 XPCamper (NIMBL) V1e #43 For Sale. $172,000.

    Make them an offer Tim. You'll find out pretty quickly I would imagine.
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    2021 Earthcruiser EXP for sales on consignment in Bend, OR

    So what if Bill asked a question? He wasn’t asking any of the people that replied to his post. Not one! What was wakup2river implying with “less than meets the eye” comment?
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    2022 tundra with flatbed, abq, nm $65k

    What kind of camper did you have on it? Thanks!
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    Toyota Land Cruiser GRJ 79 Expedition NEW 185 euros=200K US (+/-) very cool rig!!
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    (SOLD) 2022 Tundra + FWC Hawk Full-time Overland Dream Build

    great looking rig!! do you know the gross weight (loaded)? Thanks!!
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    SOLD! MAN G90 4x4 Expedition Truck w/ Moto Lift

    bad-ass rig! that thing has a lot of storage!
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    Another 2020 Ram 5500 Flatbed Camper Build

    I'm 5'4" there isn't enough liquid courage...maybe a case of Red Bull to get some of those wings they keep talking about!
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    Another 2020 Ram 5500 Flatbed Camper Build

    how is the flat bed tolerating off-road? stress fractures? I saw your comment about the mfrs snotty comment (my word not yours) and then the quality of their work. your drawings were precise as well. the electrical was masterful! how do you off load the spare? seriously impressive skills! I got...
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    Another 2020 Ram 5500 Flatbed Camper Build

    Brad (aka "well know member") I just scanned your build....incredible work!! you have skills!! how is she holding up?
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    SOLD - Excellent condition 2018 NIMBL / XPCAMPER on 2007 Ram 3500 w/ just 84k miles

    It's a very nice rig. The biggest difference is that yours was stateside. "BigRoads" rig is in Canada (no offense BigRoad). Our "Uncle Sam" wants his pound of flesh to import a truck. There may be tax "work-around" but I don't know what it is. Good luck with the sale BigRoad.
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    That rig is nothing short of incredible!! You did a great job of photo-detailing the vehicle.
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    Replacement Roof Corners

    hmmm 2020 in the same boat but with an outfitter caribou.... did you ever find one? thanks
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    2018 f350 diesel $49500 with recovery gear. SOLD !

    vehicle is fully equipped!! note the bottle opener on the drivers side bumper!!:unsure: