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    America’s Great Continental Divide

    Sure it wasn't a blip of the interwebs? Pics look like they're all there to me.
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    Poor fit of ARB 50 qt Classic fridge cover ???

    I recently purchased an ARB 50 classic fridge cover and the lid section appears to be a couple of inches short. The body section of the cover fits fine. Can anybody confirm they have a better fitting ARB cover than than mine. I have sent ARB a message thru their Contact Us page, but crickets so...
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    Sad End to This Cautionary Tale, As Folks Start to Head Back Out Into the Wilds, Pls Be Careful

    Found this thread today, and was hoping for some updated info on this tragedy beyond what was reported by the media in the the first few days. I have nothing new to add to the lessons learned discussions here, but can add some first hand experience/perspectives from my multiple trips to Gold...
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    Econoline Van Swivel Seat Bases

    You should probably mention if it is a driver or passenger base as they are different.
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    New van, new adventures

    Nice van. What awning is that? I'm use to seeing Fiamma F45S on most vans, but I don't see any supporting legs so figure that's a newer product by somebody.
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    Trip Report for the ROF Journey thru the WA/OR Cascade Mtn. Backcountry

    Thanks for taking us along via your photos Vince.
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    The not-so-definitive guide to Sienna seats

    Anyone have an idea if the the UJoint Sienna fixed seat mounts work on the previous generation 2nd row Sienna seats, which according to wikipedia was 2003-2010? Just trying to expand my search a bit.
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    The not-so-definitive guide to Sienna seats

    Thanks for your replies. Seems like a no brainer. Now to start my search for a pair.
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    The not-so-definitive guide to Sienna seats

    Anybody know how much the non-reclining cloth captains chairs weigh? I currently only use my first row bench seat, and occasionally remove it for more space. But it is very heavy and awkward to remove/reinstall. Seems like a pair of Sienna seats would be easier to handle and more comfortable...