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    Sounds like FORD’s going to offer another engine choice for the Tremor

    I have a 2017 Raptor and LOVE my eco boost. With exhaust, intake, boost tubes, turbo adapters and a Cobb Tuner it is WAY faster than anything this size be. My truck has the beadlocks and 35x12.50 Toyo tires and I see 17 mpg on the highway running 80ish. If I keep it closer to the speed limit...
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    My Tundra Build

    oh, I can’t wait to see that ad, I’m ready to move on from my tacoma.
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    HeliNomad RAM PowerWagon Build

    I typically run AGM batteries in all of our vehicles for various reasons. That said, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Costco sells Interstate AGM batteries a few weeks ago, pricing was even less than the ones at retail parts houses. We’ve only had it a few weeks so the jury is still...
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    badm0t0rfinger's 2014 Raptor build

    If you need anything while you’re in Atlanta feel free to shoot me a message. I’m north of town.
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    2013 Ford Raptor with AT Overland Habitat camper

    where is it located? Do you have more photos of the truck and camper?
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    Hanzos 2007 RCSB Tundra Build

    thats cool, seems like on the Tundra you could add it to other trim levels instead of defaulting to the highest trim level.
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    Hanzos 2007 RCSB Tundra Build

    What does the TRD package include on those year trucks? On the Tacoma, in addition to the rear locker (or LSD) and suspension upgrades, the TRD package automatically gave you the nicest interior option for those years as well as the aluminum wheels (size depending on which TRD package you got).
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    King 2.5 x 10" Shocks with Compression Adjusters- Orange County, CA

    What are they intended for/valved for?
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    2019 Custom RV Conversion, F350, 4x4, 7.3L Diesel

    Cool rig! I’m just down the street in Canton, what a small world!
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    M101A2 Adventure Rack

    What jack did you end up using? I did almost the same tongue mods to my trailer back in 2013. Only I made a tongue on receiver tube with a standard hitch with 2” ball and ditched the pintle. I threw a cheap bolt on jack on back then and it’s currently broken and I’m trying to decide what to...
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    Pacmans GX470 build

    Are those OEM TRD wheels or one of the aftermarket ones?
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    Is chevs new "toolbox" ad accurate?

    I have a buddy in the auto body world who asked me if I'd seen this video after I commented on a recent fb post he'd made. According to him they are seeing tears and punctures and other abnormal failures.
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    1st Gen (07) Sequoia Build

    Do you have a for sale post? I keep thinking I'd rather have one of these than my current situation (09 quad cab Tacoma and 01 4runner).
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    Restomod to Rock Crawler with Timbren Axles

    I like where you mounted your safety cables. I did cables on my m101 build and after dragging it across Immogene from Telluride to Ouray on our first trip they were in bad shape. Mounting them above should keep them up and out of the way!
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    Tactical Armor Group 95.5-04 Tacoma Rear Swing Out Bumper......thoughts???

    Don't just walk, RUN. This has been going on for years with Nissan and Toyota enthusiasts. I'm local to them and wouldn't consider them based on how badly things have gone for online customers over the year (that and most of their bumpers that I see around town are just flat ugly, but that's...
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    My M101 OR M416 Trailer Build

    I bought an m101A3 and then narrowed the fenders in to the A2 style (flush with the bed sides) and put a narrower axle under it (planned anyway to match my Toyota lug pattern). If I remember correctly the trailer is 74" wide on the outside, about 1" wider than my 4runer gen 4runner with the big...
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    2017 TRD Pro Tacoma

    So do we know whether or not a sunroof will be available? With the tech package they are advertising it is normally included, but obviously none is shown on the preproduction model.
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    M101A2, Another home on wheels build thread

    You should be able to order the right brakes to swap that axle over to 6x5.5 for about $60 each (or so). I've got a 101A3 narrowed to the same width as an A2 with a dexter axle under it. I bought it and built it in California and towed it cross country with my 4runner. I've got some dark grey...