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    Megatron - New turnkey expedition vehicle from Supertramp, Elevation Off Grid (EOG) and Liquid Spring

    Really curious about dimensions, and interior of the habitat buildout. It looks to be reasonably shorter (a good thing) than other F550 based offerings.... I also wonder about the front glass. Forest roads would always be a concern, and not to underestimate how much stuff gets thrown up...
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    2022 Rossmonster Baja PRICE REDUCED

    What are the dimensions? Length, Height, Width, Weight, etc? Thanks!
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    Isuzu NPR 4x4 Beast! - Rebelzilla by Rebel Off Road

    It looks like the ACELA Straya 4X4 is coming online soon. Isuzu NRR with the 6.0 Vortec. Military grade axles and drive shafts. 41" tires with CTIS. 900lb torque in 4-Lo.... could be interesting.
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    Rec-Specialties Moab - At Overland Expo East 2023

    Looks like there is an interesting trend of builders creating RV's that kind of look like and have some functionality of an Overlander, but really aren't engineered for the task (i.e. GRID, RexRover, maybe Truckhouse, etc...) Unfortunately they are also starting to creep into the Overlander...
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    StoryTeller Overland GXV Hilt

    I am always curious about Liquid Springs vs Kelderman. What are the tradeoffs and benefits between the two? It sure seems like it would be easier to repair Kelderman in the field rather than a hydraulic based system...
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    EOG 550 Loki v Earthroamer

    Is anyone considering the GRID offering out of Canada? Aluminum shell....and no idea on how it's mounted...but interesting design. Grid Truck Campers (
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    RexRover... another 1/2 ton based big luxury overland camper rig (F150) for $350k

    Besides the GVWR concerns, the amenities you get with a SuperCab F150 aren't as nice as a SuperCab F250/350. (Just thinking about the freeway miles part of a trip...)
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    Wilderness Vans - GRID chassis cab

    Overland Explorer Vehicles ( HOME - Overland Explorer Vehicles ) is building a Summit model that is akin to this GRID design. Its a bit less finished and uses composite panels instead of the aluminum frame, but similar size and functionality.
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    Wilderness Vans - GRID chassis cab

    Good point. $280K Candian is $207K US as of this morning. Wonder what import/export fees would be?
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    How do you handle your high-mounted spare?

    Anyone consider a sailboat boom vang? They are designed to deal with tremendous pull and usually have a stop built in so when you are cranking on it is less likely to drop? Just a thought... Medium Boom Vang | West Marine
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    Interesting Primer and Equipment Review on Induction Cooking

    Equipment Reviews: Induction Cooking - YouTube
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    Port Renfrew Winter 2022 Camping Trip

    Great post! I stumbled upon Point Renfrew with some buddies in the 80s and have not been back in 30+ was awesome then and looks just as wild and worthwhile to visit again. Thanks for reminding me of this treasure :) I think it is gone now, but there was this harrowing suspension...
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    Curious about your rig's winter performance. Any insights on how the SLRV habitat is handling cold weather?
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    Really not trying to beat you to the punch...but, DAMN! SLRV USA 6.8 (
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    Total Composites Slide In Camper Kits

    I wonder if the 8ft version would counter balance the N/S bed extended cabover additional weight?
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    2020 Fuso Vs. 2021 NPR

    Are they offering the CORE vehicles with the 6.6? If so, that's interesting.
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    We survived the Polar Vortex in our OEV Summit

    Looks like you are leaving all your drawer and cabinet door latches open when you are parked? I'm curious about the story behind this - it seems like a perfect "catch something" opportunity as you move around the habitat.
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    Another Chassis Conundrum????

    Sounds like a hard look at the EC Core chassis are in order. Probably more than $30K over your Big 3, but would meet your length, (potentially) shipping, and international parts sourcing criteria.
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    Nimbl Vehicles build thread

    I remember seeing this a while back and thought it was an interesting configuration. Though I would probably put a storage box or tire carrier space behind the cab to move the overhang back a couple of feet.
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    Nimbl Vehicles build thread

    I'm curious about a Nimble (or frankly anything using a N/S queen bed configuration over cab) on a Regular Cab truck. I'm not seeing anyone doing this configuration and seems like the shorter wheel base would be a benefit. Any thoughts on this? Are there DMV considerations regarding overhang...