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    For Sale: 7.3 PSD E-350 Hightop // Sportsmobile interior, UJOR Dreambuild // 18K miles -- $125K

    I remember this coming up at auction a few years back. Stellar rig. Herb
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    ** SOLD ** 2022 Ford F250 Tremor "Expedition Vehicle" with flatbed, storage, and Supertramp Camper for sale

    So much of what I want, but honestly, more than I need in some regards. I've been pricing out a new F250 Tremor and a new ST camper, and I was sure if I wanted to commit that muych money into my future setup, and here you come with a rig that's steps beyond what I was contemplating. Herb
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    The WRōV

    I'm absolutely amazed this hasn't sold. GLWS. Herb
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    (SOLD) - F150 Hybrid Powerboost ($63k) + Supertramp Camper ($71k)

    Very nice setup! The F150 hybrid platform is intriguing. Herb
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    The WRōV

    Again, such a great rig, but I'm also seriously impressed with your (or your wife's?) eye for photographic composition. You have such beautiful documentation of your adventures, I'm jealous. Herb
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    The WRōV

    Great rig, and honestly, offered at a very fair price IMO. I unexpectedly lost my wife in January of this year, so it has me reevaluating my camping needs, and recognizing that I do not get out enough either solo, or with my son. You never know what life will throw at you, and too many people...
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    2023 Ram 2500 Crew Cab W/ Alu-Cabin - Indianapolis, IN - $88,000

    Cannot view the ad withou joining that particular FB Group.
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    2019 F350 4WD; HPI flatbed, ATO AterraXL composite camper, Carli/King, 37s, 4.88s, etc

    Whaaaat? Wow, I would have bet the farm that you would never be selling this rig. An Aterra XL has been on my short-list for quite some time, but I've had my own life changing events this year so I'm not in a place currently to go after this rig, but wow, an absolutely amazing opportunity for...
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    E-350 Cutaway with Total Composites Box

    Was the extra rear clearance gained by the subframe what made you decide for the squared rear end, versus the Total Composites option of the angled rear end? This is already an awesome start, I can't wait for the interior conversion. thanks, Herb
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    E-350 Cutaway with Total Composites Box

    Maybe I missed it, but can you give some details on the seal you used between the chassis and the cab? thanks, Herb
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    Needs a set of Truck Nuts hanging off the hitch to really complete the look. Herb
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    AEV Ram with Norweld Canopy + RTT

    I wish this rig would work for my needs, it's amazing. Herb
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    **Sold** Custom 2019 Ford F450 & Removable Autarky Camper. New Price ($195,000)

    Very creative use of the spare tire carrier / rear entry landing. Herb
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    2017 Ram PowerWagon with 2018 Earthcruiser GZL-400 (SOLD)

    Very interesting setup. Two questions, first is there a diagram of the floorplan so I can get a better sense of how the interior is laid out, and second, are there any bathroom facilities? thanks, Herb
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    2018 AEV Prospector XL Overland build

    So the dealer is trying to 'cover their tracks' so people don't know how much they're marking things up? Wow, that's a ******** move. I do see the Jackson dealer is marking down the prices a bit. I'm guessing their timing of trying to corner the market didn't work out so well with the increasing...