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    Who demounts their demountable?

    Stopping somewhere for more than a couple of days then I drop camper off to run about with truck yes, for a shorter stop it isn't worth the bother no
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    Globe Camper or Bimobil

    Bimobil are indeed all hardsides, manufactured in Germany to pretty high spec with regard to insulation, Globe camper are typically a fixed cell pop top camper, Our Forum on these and other campers is based in UK but features a daily updated sales thread for UK & Europe...
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    Making a ifting roof on a 110

    Actually can I ask a question I won't hijack any further than this, pneumatics, is it possible are there any drawings or pictures of a roof being raised on air please (like the Toyota above) (or am I on completely the wrong tack) /hijack over richard
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    The "What Did You Do To Your Pop-Up Truck Camper Today?" Thread!!!

    interior pics of home-build please
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    Any Place For Air Suspension In Overlanding

    Yes I'd be interested what happened too
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    The "What Did You Do To Your Pop-Up Truck Camper Today?" Thread!!!

    Ah, OK Many but not all the (hardside)campers I see pictured feature the quite common underbelly arrangement, which I can see would pretty sturdy, I know someone just toured some pretty sketchy roads in Europe and suffered fixings pulled through the bed, and not seen a UK camper fitted in any...
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    The "What Did You Do To Your Pop-Up Truck Camper Today?" Thread!!!

    Can I ask out of interest, In terms of attaching the camper to vehicle, do you ALL use the same under chassis system where you chain down to essentially an outrigger in each corner, I ask because European campers seem to rely on fixings within the truck bed & so in turn they rely on the fix...
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    UK camper construction is this of any interest ?
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    10A controller capacity

    OK on a different tack, If i pair up the new panels to make 100W, tested their output with a multimeter and got 12V+ That would suggest the controller was either faulty/insufficent capacity, So either just buy a bigger one say 20A, Or, do i actually need a regulator for a 100W setup ?
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    10A controller capacity

    Odd thing this I think, but yes tried variation of all three panels now, all work independently of one another, but not in any combination, switch only interrupts the positive cable and only there because somewhere I read you should never just 'plug in' a panel, they all came with their plugs...
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    10A controller capacity

    Unable to find anyone on net experiencing this annoying problem with my solar set-up so thought I'd bother you guys instead of lurking here further: Been using a 40W panel which came complete with 10A controller, then added (as I happened to have) a smaller 20W panel...
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    truck camper jacks...which type and how many?

    Neat idea that, In my case I have a slight incline on my drive and dare not risk it actually although I frequently see people making up wheeled dollies (together with legs installed for extra stability) whereas your idea seem a better and tidier job all round
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    truck camper jacks...which type and how many?

    Like the scaffold wheels idea sounds possibly better than making a dolly to move
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    Hello! I'm from Russia.

    Good evening and welcome from UK richard
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    Demountable Camper Project! UK

    These come up for sale now and again on e-bay, I think they made the in them 90's, although not yet seen one on the road
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    Random shots

    Not exactly this thread but I took it this morning
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    RAW management

    Evidently you have a handle on this, The thing I keep thinking is, my pictures might be of some interest to someone beside myself, and I'd like the option to improve them the jurys still out on that one, Likely I might spring for an external HD and review this in a few months, Its catch 22...
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    RAW management

    Bear with me just a bit more fella's If I want to store RAW for future editing then, can I store these files on picasa (as I do with JPEG) or must they stay on my hard drive, or can they be kept at Flikr or somewhere
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    RAW management

    Oh dear, I don't suppose you could be a bit more specific My idea is: save a RAW of (mostly) everything for future tweaking as I get a better Mac, in the meantime have some smaller JPEG's for use posting and sharing am I on right track with this
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    RAW management

    Forgive my newbie questions but RAW is a new world to me My Nikon also offers in 'format' the option to shoot in what it calls Raw: NEF+JPEG Basic which when I download to iphoto produces a pair of images side by side does this mean I have a RAW to meddle with beside a jpeg to mail? I bet I...